30 09 2013

It seems as though people doing great things is becoming cool again! After many years of a constant bombardment of negative happenings being the only thing highlighted in the media, I have had an enormous amount of people sending me stories of great people doing even greater things!

Thanks to the heroes like the two gentlemen you about to see, our generation is waking up to the fact that when you realize where you came from, everyone should be treated like the special creation they are!  Demetrius…..Thank you! 

This life is a great journey, Enjoy it! Steve Leurquin

high school wrestler down syndrome

We share a pretty thorough amount of stuff to make you cry on this site, from sick kids in wheelchairs scoring touchdowns to army dads returning home to surprise their families todead dog mascots who tweet from Heaven, so it’s amazing to me that a story as inspiring and touching as the one between Atlanta high schoolers Demetrius de Moors and Michael Lind could be almost a year old and not have any major mainstream coverage.

Demetrius was set to compete in Georgia’s prestigious South Metro Wrestling Tournament and stepped in against Lind, a kid with Down Syndrome. I won’t spoil it for you in an asinine paragraph, but if you’ve got five free minutes, watch this video in its entirety, cry a little bit, and feel a hell of a lot better about humanity.


It’s such a great story, even if Randy Orton makes an unwelcome cameo.


Demetrius ended up winning a 2012 National Sportsmanship Award for his efforts, and it was well-deserved. But hey, Demetrius? It’s okay to tell your mom when you do something cool like this.

People are pretty okay sometimes, huh?



Mental Fitness Is The Challenge

2 04 2012

The toughest battles we have in life are the battles we face everyday with our own minds. Sooner or later we all have to face the reality that what we have done, or not done in life has come from our efforts or lack there of. This is a tough reality for many as they are left with the choice of getting better to succeed or lower their definition of success becoming good at something that does not matter (video games, sports leagues, beer pong).

I recently attended the Wisconsin State Wrestling Tournament. This weekend brings me great exhilaration and sadness at that same time watching many young men who have worked hard their whole life for one shot at their dream. Excited for the victor I can’t help but feel for the one who came up short as he will forever think what might have been. Wrestling is a great sport because there is no one else to look at for failure but yourself. There is no quarterback to blame for a bad pass, no pointguard to point to for a missed free throw, or a pitcher to blame for a bad pitch. It’s just you.

Wrestling is a tough sport mentally because lack of success leads to two choices: get better or quit! Maybe it’s my background in wrestling that lead me to my future in leadership development. Mentally it’s challenging to be a leader as my lack of succes does not give me a boss, partner, or customer to blame. Much like wrestling if I am bad as a leader I have two choices: get better, or quit.

As a coach I would tell my wrestlers that not everyone can be a wrestler, we are the lucky ones. I used to think the same thing about leadership but I was wrong. Everyone can be a leader, but not everyone will. In an age when mediocrity is celebrated I salute those leaders in Life who aspire to be the change needed in this world.

Enjoy the journey,

Steve Leurquin