Life Training Success Story

26 02 2013

The stories of victory keep rolling in from people who are successfully improving their lives using the information LIFE has to offer in the 8F’s.  I am so proud of couples that choose to take their situation head on, rather than complain about it, as they implement a game plan with proven success material to move their family forward. Enjoy the great summary of the Maly’s success as written by Steve Sager who is coaching them on their plan of success.

Steve Leurquin


When Kyle & Kimberly Maly were first introduced to LIFE by a family member, they were the typical couple who were in a rut & looking for different results.  They “thought’ they knew what LIFE was about, but decided to open their minds & get some information first hand from those they trusted. They began to use the information in the 8 F’s in their personal life & in their respected professions.

Does the LIFE materials work someone might ask? This is just a few things the Maly’s have shared lately. Kyle has been promoted at his place of employment, receiving nearly a double increase in pay, a few months ago.  Also, Kyle’s ripple effect upon his former & current co-workers has increased in their own hunger to do more with their personal lives & career advancement.  Kyle recently earned an additional promotion (on top of the one a few months ago) to which he now oversees  +100 other employees. He attributes his success in his new role, from using the LIFE materials. Kyle feels this assists him with the ability to “relate” and “communicate” more effectively on a daily basis.

Kimberly has reduced the amount of time working at her job, which allows her to spend more time home with their two boys, Jacob(6) & Aaron (3).  “I finally feel comfortable with who I am as a person and how I can learn/grow.” Kimberly even said “our marriage has improved so much & I see my husband living up to the potential I always knew he had inside him.” She also added that the absolute positive change she has seen in her husband’s parenting skills is –PRICELESS!

If that wasn’t enough, the Maly’s are 100% debt free (outside their mortgage) as of January 2013, with money in their savings!!!

I asked Kyle what is the biggest factor in the past just 12 months?  “LIFE just changed our thinking, especially in our delayed gratification & setting goals. People don’t talk about improving their marriage, finances, relationships… they just sweep it under the rug. We are so thankful for the materials & leadership.”