What Do The Kids Think?

13 08 2015

Life Leadership is making such a huge impact throughout the world on people’s personal dreams and the many less fortunate that members in Life go out and serve through their charitable actions, but the question has to be asked, “How are their kids doing?”  Well, I’m glad you asked!

In a new post by LifeLeadership.com/blog they took some time to hear from the many kids throughout Life Leadership to answer just that. I may be a be a bit biased because my kids are in this article, but this write-up is awesome! I want everyone to know that these answers were un-edited.  I listened as my wife asked our kids the questions and wrote down their answers exactly as they came out.  If anyone is concerned if your kids will be ok while they watch you pursue your dreams, my answer is, heck yes!  We want our kids to go out and do their best, but how many of us our doing that?  In Life Leadership, our kids learn how to strive for their dreams by watching us pursue our dreams.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

Life Leadership Kid Testimonies (unedited): Part 1

“One of the biggest impacts that Life Leadership has had is that we get to spend a lot of time with our family because my mom doesn’t have to go to a job all day long.” Geneva (age 8)

Life Leadership (LL) continues to be at the forefront of creating change; specifically by pouring efforts into influencing the next generation. With the Edge series subscription, Edge book and newly published comic book, The Big Meeting, kids are sure to learn leadership and success principles that will help them in all areas of their life for years to come. Additionally, for parents who involve their kids in dream-building, goal-setting, reading, listening, associating and living the Life Leadership experience as a family, the impact is vastly different. These “Life kids” are Rascals; they are leaders in their schools, churches and communities and they see the world through a lens that is uncommon in the world today.

…but, they are still kids! :)

…and these kids have a voice! They have stories to tell and testimonies to share! So we are excited to feature a multi-part-series of Life Leadership kid testimonies on this blog. The kids were asked a variety of questions: what is your favorite book or CD in the LL Library? What have you learned the most from LL? What do you love the most about LL? These (mostly) “unedited” quotes will make you smile, laugh and even bring tears to your eyes. We hope that you enjoy reading their responses and encourage you to share your kid’s testimonies in the comments section of this article so we can feature them in future posts!

Mielke kids reading together 8 yrs ago (ages 4, 6, 8)

What is your favorite book in the LL Library and why?

“The Dream Giver – I liked that he had obstacles but didn’t give up.  He made it through the obstacles and stepped outside his comfort zone to get his dream.” Emma (age 13)

“The Magic of Thinking Big: It helps you to be better with your words and actions.” Ava (age 7)

“My favorite book is Wooden.  He teaches you how to never give up and to always try your hardest.” Cader (age 10)

“I liked the Slight Edge because it taught that if I do little things right, one day it will lead to success.” Lucas (age 13)

“Personality Plus: It helps you understand people better and how to make better conversation.” McKenzie (age 13)

“I like the month in Italy book because it is exciting, and because of it I want to go there and to a lot of other countries in the world.” Terrel (age 10)

“The Financial Fitness for Teens book because it helped me balance my finances for better times in the future. I read the book in 8th grade and wrote a 2-page paper.” Alex (age 14)

“Toughen up! I like this book because it has a lot of stories and tips.” Aiden (age 11)

“My favorite book is Personality Plus.  I think this book really gives real-life, applicable knowledge and tips.” Reilly (age 16)

“I don’t have a favorite book but Life Leadership has encouraged my whole family to read more and I’m thankful for that.” Anna (age 12)

What is your favorite CD created by LL and why?

“I like the CD about the boy who helped build a playground because it shows me what I can do for others.” Anna (age 12)

“Buried Treasure: It’s full of adventure and trial and error, and it tells you never to give up” Aiden (age 11)

“I read the Rascal book and loved it. The Edge CDs have great stories of people you can learn from. I love the one about Mel Fisher. It makes learning fun!” Luke (age 13)

“My favorite CD is bird dogging which bumped out bug in my ear.  I don’t think I learned from it, but it’s hilarious.” Geneva (age 8)

“Buried Treasure by Chris Brady: It teaches you to never give up and to never lose hope with whatever you are trying to do.” McKenzie (age 13)

“My favorite Edge CD is How to Control Your Attitude by Dan Hawkins.  I like it because he teaches about having to practice to be good.  Also, sometimes you’ll need to sacrifice some fun things to do in order to practice so you can be good.” Cader (age 10)

“…Buried treasure: It was exciting, I liked who he was and what he did. I appreciate his personality and that he kept digging for his son even when his son died.  Even when people tried to stop him he never gave up and always looked for another way. I love his saying today’s the day and I think if I’m trying to do something like I want to be a professional football player that if some team drops me I will keep trying and have another team pick me up……..Another cd that I like is the one that tells the story of Martin. I learned that when he was in school he was studying when everyone else was playing and people in the whole town were willing to help pay because they saw how hard he was working, and when he went to college he was a great student because he didn’t want to let the people from the village down.  He repaid everyone too.  He is great because he kept going to get his dream and he is still going. He is strong in his faith and I want to be like that………I have one more CD that I like which is when Tim marks interviewed his children. Parents don’t have to wait til they are on a CD, they can talk to their kids now.  The CD taught modesty.  It also taught if you are hanging with your friends to include your younger siblings.  Always be kind to people even if they aren’t kind to you.  I think they made a big difference by including the boy they talked about and that he might be more likely to go and make friends and he may come back and they could include him again.” Terrel (age 10)  ~ We understand Terrel, it’s so hard to pick just one! :) ~

“My favorite CD is S.L.O.W. by Lindsey Spiewak.  I like when my mom and dad take time to play with me and spend time with me like the CD talks about.”  Colby (age 8)

“I have many favorite EDGE CDs.  I like the one where Mr. Brady interviewed Martin because when everyone else was playing Martin was working hard and studying. He was always going after his dreams.  I think he got his dreams way faster than other people who were playing.” Geneva (age 8)

What have you learned the most from LL?

“I have learned that you don’t need a boss to work. You are your own boss! And you can spend time with your family.” Anna (age 12)

“I have learned to believe in myself more.” Lucas (age 13)

“I like that our parents can stay home with us and we are learning more as a family. I’ve learned more people skills over the years and I love that I can learn from people who failed.” Aiden (age 11)

“I learned about money and how to save for better things instead of spending it on just good things.  Also, I like how it is a faith-based business because most businesses don’t have that. I like being around the people and meeting new people.” Emma (age 13)

“I think one of the most important things I’ve learned from being involved in this community since I was three years old is understanding the different personalities.  As a young person growing up, I believe this is a very important skill that not a lot of people have under their belt, and it allows us to extend grace to people by being able to recognize that; that a person just has a different personality than you and isn’t just out to bother you.  Another important skill is emotional intelligence.  Sometimes it’s hard being a teenager and just wanting to let those natural emotions run rampant, but I’ve (mostly) learned to control them and to stay cool in both formal and informal situations.  Being able to control those emotions and be mature in settings where you might not want to be, is a very handy skill, in my opinion.” Reilly (age 16)

“I have learned delayed gratification and how to save money. The best part is to set a goal to get what I want.” Kaleb (age 15)

“Always be kind to people even if they aren’t kind to you.” Terrel (age 10)

“I’ve learned more about God than most people will and I like that my parents try to do their best with parenting by reading books. They teach us everything they know so we can do the same for our kids.” McKenzie (age 13)

“I’ve learned to never give up, because when the going gets tough the tough get going.” Geneva (age 8)

“You have to be encouraging and helpful to have people trust you.” Alex (age 14)

Kid Testimonies 1

What do you love the most about LL?

“I love being involved with Life leadership because we get to go on trips that we wouldn’t otherwise, my parents wouldn’t have even known to be debt free and some of my friends are people I would have never met if my parents weren’t in this business. Another thing I know is that if anything ever happened to one of my parents that they would be ok because they would have money to pay their bills and for medical attention, and the prayers of everyone else in Life Leadership would help.  It makes me feel secure and I don’t have to worry because I know my mom and dad will be ok.” Geneva (age 8)

“I like how my parents teach us good things, that they stay home and hang out with us.” Ava (age 7)

“I love attending the Life Leadership conferences because I get to hang around people who are growing and can help me grow.” Kaleb (age 15)

“My favorite thing about Life Leadership is all of my friends.” Michaela (age 3)

“I like that my mom and dad get to stay home with me instead of working like other parents do.  I like that they help other people and make money.”  Colby (age 8)

“I like that my parents are always home and not gone all day.” Ethan (age 12)

“My family is always having fun and spending a lot more time together than a regular family.  Also, if someone in my family is hurt, we will always have people praying for us.  We have nice communities and we work together to build so it helps people have enough for medical bills and to make our communities better.  If people are just customers they should try to get involved in the communities because their children could have great friends through this.  Without Life Leadership I wouldn’t have been able to get the dogs I have. We are also going to have animals and a farm because of Life leadership and we are going to be able to share those with other people who love them too. The time with my family on a daily basis and the trips we go on together are the best things about Life Leadership.” Terrel (age 10)

“It seemed like there was a lot more fighting and not a lot of love before Life Leadership. Now our house is a lot happier and my parent’s are happier. That’s what I like the most. I think Life Leadership saved my parent’s marriage.” Lucas (age 13)

“Knowing that every Tuesday my parents go out to help other people.” Savannah (age 10)

“I like that my parents get to stay home with me and not have jobs.  I like being able to spend time with them.  I also like that they can help other parents to do the same thing.”  Cader (age 10)

Such wisdom in the words of these kids! We are so proud of them for their hunger to want to learn and grow alongside their parents! Do you have a child that loves Life Leadership? If so, we would love to hear from them! You can share their testimony in the comments section or e mail them to: kristen.seidl@lifeleadership.com and their quote will be featured in another future article!


Life Leadership Has A New BLog

27 05 2015

Hey Everybody!  Life Leadership has an exciting new blog for us to follow the impact the company is making around the world. Check out Life Founder Chris Brady’s introduction to this great new blog.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin 

Introducing the brand new Life Leadership blog!

 You’ve asked for it and now you’ve got it, a place where we at the company can quickly post for the world to see all the great things happening both behind the scenes and out in the field. 

 Subscribe to this new blog’s posts so you don’t miss any of the updates of the new “Life on Life” Initiative and how Life Members across our various markets are making a real difference in people’s lives in so many important ways.

 We look forward to your comments and active participation in this blog. Help us make it a very visible and important property on the web!  Please go there now and leave a comment.  Thx!

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