LIFE Financial Fitness Success Story

28 07 2015

LIFE Leadership is making a huge impact on this world! We all love hearing the dream-struggle-victory of ordinary people who become champions because of how they persist through adversity.  Let me introduce you to two champions in our life.  Adam and Teesa Rossman tell their story in the video below. They will soon be telling their extended story on stages throughout the world.  Like a proud parent of the children’s success is how proud I am of this couple!  Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

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A Financial Fitness Movement: What’s Your Story?

“Financial Fitness is perfect for all income levels. My only regret is that I didn’t have this information ten years ago.” -Raymond Abernathy

The Financial Matrix is everywhere–and everyone is a victim until they are freed from the chains of financial bondage. Even a five-minute conversation with someone will expose the stress that people are under because of money–and specifically the lack thereof. That is why the Financial Fitness (FF) product line is so critical to a person’s financial journey towards freedom. Best-selling Author Orrin Woodward says, “the truth will set you free, right after it ticks you off.” But if applied, the principles taught in the Financial Fitness program will set you free.

In addition to the basic FF Program (which is also available digitally), customers have access to many other benefits that include: a free personal website which is completely customized for the user to stay on track throughout the program, the Financial Fitness Booster which offers ongoing digital support through 6 videos and 15 audios, and the Track and Save Program which is available either online or as a downloadable app on any Smart Phone.

Financial FitnessThousands of people have taken the proper steps to apply the 47 financial principles in the program, and current customers have already eliminated $490,646 of debt–and the number keeps climbing. What is required is an understanding of the principles behind the offense, defense, and playing field of personal finance. A financial education involves budgeting, roll-down reduction training, planning tools, offensive game plans, teaching on how to arrange money into a hierarchy, and even how the nation’s monetary policy affects your money. Financial Fitness teaches about all of this and more, and the information is completely transforming people’s lives.

“When we were struggling and fighting through all of the debt, we thought we were the only people going through it…and what we’ve come to realize by getting debt free is that we’re actually some of the only people who are debt free now….everyone needs the Financial Fitness Program!” -Teesa Rossman

Check out Adam and Teesa Rossman’s Financial Fitness testimony:


Leaders Make The Decision

6 07 2015

This past weekend I had the honor of having some great leaders over to my house for a 4th of July picnic.  We we in a circle talking about the future and the many great things this fine group of people were going to accomplish over the next year.  I asked the group how they accomplished a most recent goal when an amazing point on success was made. One lady said, “We made the decision that the goal was going to be accomplished, then we figured out how to get it done!”

Think about that.  That statement sums up what it takes to be successful in anything we want to be great at.  Sports, parenting, business, it all comes down to making a decision and then making that decision right!

Then why don’t more people do it?  As I apply this principle to my goals in Life, I believe it is because we think of two things that hold us back.  First, if we make the decision, then we know we have to go out and do the work. Yes, people are creatures of comfort which can be borderline lazy. Second, when we make a decision for success, our brains automatically go to the negative and we think of what if we don’t get it done.

To answer those two I am going to give myself advice and you can listen in if you want.  Running for a goal/dream is a much more refreshing/purpose-filled life than playing it safe. Get out there and make your life into what brings your creator glory.  It’s that simple ________________ (fill in your name), we have all ben given a certain amount of time. We will either have regrets or we will know we gave our best.

Live each day to the fullest! Steve Leurquin.

Financial Matrix Defined

10 06 2015

Wrapping our brains around something new, especially on the surface as complex as the Financial Matrix, can be tough.  We have two options. The first is to say it’s too complex and I’ll never understand, thus living a life of ignorance. Or Two, we can start taking one bite at a time until it becomes as part of us as simple math.

I love the community of Life Leadership! They are choosing to peel the layers of the onion that is the Financial Matrix.  Like an onion, it might cause some tears but it is worth it.

Thank you Orrin Woodward for your blog helping all of us take a big bite of knowledge toward understanding the Financial Matrix.  

Enjoy, Steve

What is the Financial Matrix?

The Financial Matrix has captured nearly everyone within its web. The system of control works by seducing people into debt by “easy” monthly payments. The monthly payments accumulate until the people can no longer afford their own opinion. Instead, they must do the bidding of their creditors because, as the Bible stated long ago, “The borrower is slave to the lender.” The Financial Matrix book explains this is much more detail for those who haven’t read it.

I am not saying that the loaning and borrowing of money, in itself, constitutes a scam. For the Financial Matrix scam goes much deeper than that. Indeed, the Financial Matrix, through the Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB) system, supported by Central Banks and National Governments, is allowed to create money out of thin air to “loan” to the people. In a word, fake (fiat) money is loaned out to people who must pay back the interest and principal with real production. This is the Financial Matrix Scam.

How Does a Person Escape the Financial Matrix?

The plan to escape the Financial Matrix is simple to explain but difficult to implement, namely, stop taking on debt. A person must learn to live below his current income even if that means foregoing some of the things he desires. For just because a person wants something doesn’t mean he should sell himself into financial slavery to purchase it. Quit buying items today, in other words, on income that a person plans to make tomorrow; instead, the correct approach is to buy items today on income he made yesterday.

Unfortunately, most people have not learned this key financial literacy principle. In fact, this isn’t by accident, but by design. Think about how much education the average person is receiving today and yet how little financial literacy education they receive. I have met doctorate level graduates in many fields, with 10 plus years of education, who do not understand the rudimentary principles of compound interest, nor delayed gratification. This must change.

How to Play Defense Against the Financial Matrix?

Financial Fitness Pack

Anyone truly seeking a change in his/her financial situation must realize the need to apply new principles. The Financial Fitness Program (FFP) (Now available as a continuous education program for accountants) will teach a person step by step how to live below his current means. Many customers of this pack have escaped the Financial Matrix Scam by learning how to say no to the instant gratification purchases. It doesn’t matter how much a person makes as much as how much he spends. In fact, the Financial Matrix system loves high income earners because they typically carry more debt and service it longer.

The great news is once a person changes the financial paradigm, the compounding effect of debt reduction becomes an enjoyable game. Instead of thousands of dollars per month being poured down the Financial Matrix hole, that money now remains in the producers hands to either wipe out more debt or start to purchase items in cash. As a result, the average person can break out of the Financial Matrix by just playing defense in a 15 to 20 year plan and be debt-free including his mortgage. However, some people choose to go faster.

How to Play Offense Against the Financial Matrix?

This is the purpose of LIFE Leadership community. When customers realize how effective the Financial Fitness Program (FFP) is to help them get out of debt, many choose to share this program with others. LIFE created a compensated community to reward the people who help others escape the Financial Matrix Scam. In other words, the worst that happens to a person who joins LIFE Leadership and applies the principles taught is they lose their debt. On the upside, the go-getters who choose to share this financial program with others are rewarded for doing so.

LIFE Leadership then starts with a simple premise, namely, that being in debt and stress is not good for people. Accordingly, LIFE provides the FFP to teach financial literacy and a plan of escape. Meanwhile, for those who want to escape the Financial Matrix faster, LIFE offers people the opportunity to own their own business and build a business asset. A person can start by playing defense and utilizing the community support group to help him make better decisions financially. And, at any time in the process, he can choose to go on offense and share the financial products to others who could benefit by better financial literacy. Win-Win-Win.

What Makes LIFE Leadership Different?

I have studied the data of LIFE members and I am blown away by what I discovered. It takes less than six months for the average member to save more money from the Financial Matrix than they are investing in their own business. This is what makes LIFE Leadership different than most traditional product companies – the Financial Fitness Program (FFP) saves the consumer more money than it costs to purchase. The FFP is, after all, only 99 dollars. In the coming months, I plan on interviewing many of the people who have reduced their debt to highlight their stories.  The testimonials of people who have wiped out $10k, $25k, $50k, and some over $100k in less than six months simply need to be shared with the world!

What other organization can a person join where the worst that happens to him is he wipes out his debt and the best that happens to him is he builds a business asset, develops his personal leadership, and makes friends for life? Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying everyone who joins LIFE Leadership will get debt free. For merely joining an organization doesn’t make someone successful anymore than merely buying an exercise bike causes one to lose wait. After all, YOU have to use the financial principles and the exercise bike to accomplish the desired objective.

Fortunately, most of the people who purchase the FFP (about 75%) reduce their financial debt. Moreover, around 10% of that group start making money by building a business asset. What about the other 25%? I don’t know if I could answer this any better than John Wayne did, “Life is tough, even tougher when your stupid.” :) Ok, I know that was politically incorrect in today’s sensitive age. But seriously folks, how can the FFP help someone eliminate debt if they won’t open it up, read the materials, and apply its lessons? LIFE even has a community support group to encourage them in the habit changing process. A teacher cannot teach until the student is ready.

Despite what the modern media tells you, success  is NOT a lottery. Indeed, people don’t luck their way to success, but rather learn their way into it. If you are tired of waiting for your ship to come, then perhaps its time to join the LIFE Leadership ship. Whether as a customer and learn to play defense to avoid the Financial Matrix or as a member and learn how to play defense and offense to avoid the Financial Matrix is totally up to you.

What I know is with the proper financial principles, you too can escape the Financial Matrix and live the life you always wanted.


Orrin Woodward

Life Leadership Has A New BLog

27 05 2015

Hey Everybody!  Life Leadership has an exciting new blog for us to follow the impact the company is making around the world. Check out Life Founder Chris Brady’s introduction to this great new blog.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin 

Introducing the brand new Life Leadership blog!

 You’ve asked for it and now you’ve got it, a place where we at the company can quickly post for the world to see all the great things happening both behind the scenes and out in the field. 

 Subscribe to this new blog’s posts so you don’t miss any of the updates of the new “Life on Life” Initiative and how Life Members across our various markets are making a real difference in people’s lives in so many important ways.

 We look forward to your comments and active participation in this blog. Help us make it a very visible and important property on the web!  Please go there now and leave a comment.  Thx!

 Here’s the link:


How to Stump A Slump

22 05 2015

We have all felt the power of excitement, the dream that propels us out of bed in the morning eager to face the life_logochallenge the new day will bring us. These days, weeks, months, and even years bring such vitality that one can hardly relate to the person who does not have that passion inside them.  But what happens if and when that excitement wains or even dies inside?

Life Leadership Essentials Series has recently released the book, Ladder: Climbing Out Of A Slump  to help people get back on the path of goals and a vision that they know they want to be on, but can’t figure out how.  In what I feel is a must read for anyone who has ever felt as if they have hit a plateau, or the mid-life crises, this book walks you through the 6 rungs of the ladder to climbing out of a slump.

Success is never promised to be easy, only worth it. Life is too short to spend not pursuing the dreams that God has placed in out lives.  When it’s too late, we will look back and wonder what we waited for.  If you are reading this blog post, you are one of the 5%ers in this world who need to be pursuing your passions so others have model to follow. Climb out of your slump and get moving. It’s Time!

Steve Leurquin


The Life Leadership Model

14 05 2015

Life Founder Dan Hawkins recently posted a great article with an excellent lay-out describing what Life leadership brings to the table.  Products to customers that want to improve their lives paired with a business model for those who want to add a stream of income is just two of many things Life provides. What I’m most excited about is how much Life wants to make a difference in people’s thus making an improved world.

I hope you enjoy this great message with videos provided from Dan Hawkins. 


LIFE Leadership Making a Difference

LIFE Leadership has now been in business almost 4 years. In that time period we have experienced so many great things that fall into our motto of Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference. Tens of thousands of people receive subscriptions every month of LIFE changing information they can use to improve their lives. The stories come in daily of people applying the information to get promoted at work, improve their relationships, get out of debt and on and on. Just yesterday I received a letter from a grown daughter to her father who has been using the LIFE Leadership programs to improve his life. I was brought to tears by the letter applauding her father for becoming a better man and leading his family. Things like this make me want to work harder to reach more people because of the impact this information can have. So many will lay their head on a pillow tonight praying for answers to problems they are having or dreams they want to fulfill.

LIFE Leadership Products Retail Sales

images (2)Not only do we receive constant messages about the products making such an impact in peoples personal lives, but also the stories of people succeeding to incredible levels retailing our products to the world. Some members who join LIFE Leadership decide to learn how to make an income marketing our products and building a team to help. The LIFE Leadership Corporate Program launched a couple of years ago and continues to skyrocket. Individual members from LIFE are going out armed with great marketing tools from LIFE Leadership and introducing the programs. The stories rolling in range from getting a small business owner started to getting entire corporate management teams started! The feed back has been overwhelmingly positive and because of the response we have launch 3 – 6 month programs with a facilitators packs to lead the courses.

However, our number 1 selling product is the Financial Fitness Program (FFP). Members across the world are introducing the FFP to individuals, church groups, schools, accountants and business leaders just to name a few. The stories of people getting control of their finances and removing the stress that money can have on relationships is inspiring. One of the key elements of the FFP is not only the great information and tools offered to help with finances, but the incredible support of a communityimagesof people working together to help everyone succeed. Best selling author Orrin Woodward has been able to clarify the financial struggles so many people feel in his ground breaking book The Financial Matrix. In his book, Orrin describes the reason so many are upset but can not explain why, why over a million people a few years back marched on DC to protest agains Wall-street. In this short video about the Financial Matrix, Orrin Woodward summarizes his new book to help people understand how to get free of the matrix. Social media is lighting up with people taking this to heart and thousands of people are reporting their success in eliminating debt. People understand there is a force at work, working against the masses daily, but this can be undone. By learning the right principles you can get free of this matrix.  Yesterday, I received a social medial video of one couple sending in a $10,000+ check to payoff their vehicle, and another sending in a check to pay off their last bit of credit card debt. The FFP is making such a difference, it is creating a revolution of financial independence that will change the way we view money and debt.

LIFE Leadership Business Model

UnknownI get asked the question a lot, the LIFE Leadership materials are great, but to be honest the principles we use have been around forever, why do your materials actually create change? The secret is in the community! The LIFE Leadership community is such a special group of people, a group of entrepreneurs working daily to improve their lives and the lives of others. The LIFE Leadership materials are created by the most successful of the members, people who have worked at applying the principles first in their own lives and after they have succeeded, they are asked to share how the did it. In short, the life changing products are created by people who have changed their own lives first and now feel called to help others do the same. The world really does not need another book calling for change, but a group of people being the example of change, that is what LIFE Leadership is about.

When the founders where deciding how to best create the environment for this change to happen, the network marketing model was the only model we could find that creates the platform to truly make a difference. All of the LIFE founders gained their experience in this field. Working hard to improve ourselves to get more success in business, we realized that real success came by working on self and adding value to others. This industry, is in my option, is the best way to reach out and serve people. As an auto mechanic struggling in so many areas I was not reaching out for help, however in this industry, someone reached out to me, met me where I was at and lead me down a path of seeking truth. I was suddenly surrounded by people encouraging me to be my best and giving me the tools to do so. I remember bringing my first book to work, The Five Love Languages. Now this is not the book to bring into an auto shop, purple with flowers on it, but I knew, through mentorship, that I needed to work on my marriage. I was the laughing stock of the place, I am surprised I was not threatened to be beaten with a wrench. People there felt threatened by someone trying to improve. At the LIFE Leadership events was a different story, they probably would have threatened me if I did not read the book! :) All joking aside, the people you surround yourself with matters, they will either encourage you to grow or criticize you to stay the same and keep them comfortable. LIFE leadership is about moving forward, getting better and helping communities do the same. We hope you decide to join us in this revolution of setting people free!


I have attached a short video from one of the LIFE Members explaining the business model we use to Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference.


God bless,

Dan Hawkins

The Experts on Network Marketing

6 05 2015

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. With that being said, why are so many insane?! With people stuck in the financial matrix it is astonishing to me how many men and women hold on to a ship they know is sinking, but are afraid to let go.

Several years ago, my wife and I decided to start “building a bridge” a couple hours a week through a proven system that would eventually get us to the other side. We held on to the short term security of our teaching jobs so we could fund the building our business. We did not have a lot of time, but we knew time was going to go by anyway so why not put what discretionary time we had into its progression? Had we kept driving a barge to get paid, we would still be driving that barge. We were able to look back and see progress, with a system that kept the bridge together, that would never have been there had we not started.

With all the current ups and downs in teaching right now, we sure are glad we did start building the bridge of Life Leadership. A combination of a proven system along with information based products that change lives, we knew soon after we started that we had chosen correctly thus ending our insanity!

The experts agree.  Check out this great video on what the financial/leadership experts are saying about network marketing.