Creating A Culture

29 07 2016

To my loyal followers (who are left :)), I am sorry for not posting more articles.  I am making out a game plan to get more frequent articles posted.  In the meantime, enjoy this great post from one of the top Leadership minds that I know, Mr. Orrin Woodward.

Steve Leurquin

Leadership Culture and Cognitive Dissonance

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 13, 2016

There is nothing more important, its proper implementation determining the destiny of nations, companies, charities, and families, than the creation of culture. Culture, a system of beliefs, values, and customs a community follows, cannot be seen, but it influences every behavior within the community.  Interestingly, despite nearly every leader expressing the need for right culture to produce right results,  few seem to build culture with specific intent. This, I believe, is one of the biggest leadership mistakes.

In other words, every community must get intentional about culture or suffer the grave consequences. Just over a year ago, in a conversation with Chris Brady, he boiled down influence within a company to the three R’s – require, recognize, or reward it. Although we weren’t specifically talking culture at the time, it didn’t take me long for me to realize Brady had just summed up the different methods one can create culture within a community. Ever since, I have thought deeply on how to create a culture that requires, recognizes, and rewards the right behaviors.

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance

Needless to say, this is much more difficult to do than it sounds, for most companies suffer from cognitive dissonance – a malady where the organization promotes one thing while rewarding another. Cognitive dissonance is perhaps the biggest failure-mode for most communities because it involves a misalignment between the culture and the longterm vision. This misalignment creates cultural inertia that, left to itself, will divide the community and blur the vision. Dissonance, in a word, destroys unity.

Accordingly, great leaders must identify the purpose and vision of the community; then develop the culture of requiring, recognizing, and rewarding to ensure the proper behaviors are performed to accomplish the vision. Moreover, if the leader realizes the 3 R’s currently instituted will not achieve the stated purpose and vision, he must have the courage to make the needed adjustments. In fact, this is what makes the leader the leader, namely, the courage to create the culture in order to achieve the community’s purpose. Any leader not willing to do this, is not truly a leader, for he merely follows the current culture rather than building the proper culture.

In essence, leaders are responsible for eliminating cognitive dissonance out of the culture to ensure the actions of the organization move it towards its purpose and vision. After all, nothing validates the leader’s value so much as his/her ability to move the cultural current in the proper direction. It doesn’t matter if it’s easy; it doesn’t matter if it’s convenient; it doesn’t even matter if it’s popular, but what does matters is whether the community can accomplish its reason for existing with the current culture. Thus, if there is cognitive dissonance, the culture must change.

When an organization is suffering in the throes of cognitive dissonance, the leader’s responsibility is to charge to the front lines and resist the improper cultural current, converting the dissonance into resonance by aligning the 3 Rs to the purpose and vision. Indeed, when the cultural current is flowing smoothly, the requirements, recognition, and rewards align the people win personally and professionally when the company wins purposefully. Proper leadership, therefore, creates the culture and the culture creates the results.

What is the purpose for your company? What is the culture of your company? Do the culture’s results aligned with the purpose of the company? If so, then the community will win. If not, then the leader must get to the front and lead, for as Harry Truman once said about leadership, “the buck stops here”.


Orrin Woodward


Total Access To Leadership

12 01 2016

Time after time, we ask the question, “What ever happened to _______?”  He could have done so much in this world but didn’t seem to reach his potential!

Have you ever answered that question?  Why did that person, who you felt was destined for greatness, not reach their full potential? I bet if you dug deep down you would find some outside source swayed them toward not seeing their true greatness inside.

The more I read about great men and women, I find that their path to an inspiring life was influenced by three things: The company they kept, the books they read, and the people they listened to (read, listen, associate).  What if there was a way to get all three things that lead to greatness in one? I pray often that when I get to the end of my life, I don’t look back and wish I had done more.

Watching the video below on Life Leadership’s Total Access, I wonder how many of peoples’ gifts will not go unopened with tools like this in their lives!  Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

Random Acts of Kindness In Life

15 09 2015

Imagine 200 people showing up to a city hit by tough economic times to bless the community with random acts of kindness. A couple of weeks ago, a great group of people in Life Leadership did just that. 

Kristen Seidl captured the emotional day in a great article she wrote up on the We can and will change the world one person at a time!

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

The Life on Life Initiative Leaves a Ripple Effect in Janesville, WI

“It’s so cool that we have a community where the positive peer pressure of people doing the right thing inspires others to do the same.” – Orrin Woodward

Life on LifeImagine being the man who had to rent a chainsaw to cut down a tree that had just fallen on his home the night before due to a heavy rain storm. You’ve worked hard all week and now you have to carve out another 6 hours of your Saturday to finish this labor-intensive task. Now, imagine what it would feel like to have 25 complete strangers show up at your house in white t-shirts ready and willing to help you! A task that would have taken you all day, was just completed in under an hour.

“Random Acts of Kindness” was the theme of the Life on Life Initiative that took place in Janesville, WI on Saturday, August 29th, 2015. Roughly 200 Life Leadership Members – under the leadership of Steve and Jamie Leurquin and the coordinated efforts of AGO Spokesman, Kristen Seidl – showed up to participate in the event. Not only was it a success, but this team came together to truly make a difference in the city.

The participants were encouraged not to have a plan and to look for needs as they drove around the streets of Janesville. However, that strategy didn’t fly for some people and extra effort was displayed in the actions of several members who had specific ideas on their hearts. The additional organized effort became a blessing in disguise as some of the projects needed more help than anticipated. Check out everything they did!

Life on Life

Organized Acts of Kindness:

  • Served at the House of Mercy (a shelter for women and children) – several people purchased items to donate and then spent time stocking and organizing the pantry, folding linens, talking and praying with some of the women and painting t-shirts with kids on the front lawn (t-shirts and supplies purchased by Life Members).
  • Finding a family in need – Connections in the city led to an incredible blessing for one family. The oldest son had been diagnosed with cancer nearly 6 years ago and was in remission until the cancer came back. Later it was revealed that the younger son and mom also had a condition that caused them to have skin cancer. So three members of the family with three cancer diagnoses. This family forgot they even had cancer when several Life Members showed up to bless them with toys, food, flowers and love. Tears of joy streamed from the eyes of all participants, especially mom.
  • One group visited an assisted living home and spent some time with the residents and then later they went to a local transitional housing shelter to donate personal care items to the veterans that were living there.
  • “FREE” Sale: Several people donated items from their home (clothes and other necessities) to the free sale. Others purchased school supplies that could also be donated to families. One lady was a hairdresser and gave free haircuts to kids at the free sale.
  • Backpacks and kid donations at 4th Ward Park: A city-wide event called “Praise in the Park” was taking place in the middle of the city and several Life Leadership Members purchased backpacks and filled them with school supplies and donated other kid’s items for some of the families in need.
  • Serving lunch at a community meal: A few participants gave up their lunch hour to dish out root beer floats to those in need at their local church for a community meal.
  • Serving at a public library: Life Members showed up and asked the technicians what was needed. They said “cleaning” so the participants began cleaning and sprucing up the ends of the shelves in the children’s section, which was a heavily used area.

“People walking by throughout the city were asking, ‘What’s the deal? I keep seeing these white t-shirts. What church are you guys with?’ And I responded, ‘We’re Life Leadership and we are out here to make a difference.’” -Tony Klubertanz

Life on Life

Random Acts of Kindness:

  • Pushing a car: Life Members took a wrong turn that led them to a street where they saw two guys trying to push a car that wouldn’t start. They weren’t making very much progress until the Life on Life crew jumped out of their car to help them push!
  • While standing in line at the Family Dollar waiting to purchase school supplies to donate, one Life Member began talking to a family in front of him in line that had a cart of groceries. Minutes later he paid for the families groceries and the father immediately started crying. The family was so grateful!
  • Life Leadership Members heard a chainsaw across the street from the House of Mercy and recognized that one man was trying to take down a tree that had fallen on his house. It wasn’t long before a massive army of people in white t-shirts showed up to help him! From climbing on the roof to picking up debris, the tree take-down and clean-up process was complete in less than an hour!
  • Donations to the Pregnancy Care Center: Several people purchased diapers, formula and toys to donate.
  • Free pizza in exchange for work: One man was a locksmith and received a call from a local pizza place whose lock was broken and they couldn’t get in the building. So the family jumped in their car to go help. However, instead of taking money in exchange for the work they told the pizza place they could pay him in pizzas. Their plan was to give the pizzas away. They knew of a local shelter that would be the perfect place to donate the pizza. But instead of just donating they decided to have a pizza party and spend time with the the adults and children in the shelter.
  • One group bounced around to several spots – St. Mary’s ER, Dean Urgent Care, Mercy ER and Mercy Urgent Care, the Fire Department, the Post Office, the Humane Society, one assisted living facility (Cedar Crest) and they found a group of guys who needed help reroofing a house. At all of the locations they dropped off M&M’s, homemade chocolate chip bars/rice crispy bars and a thank you note for making a difference and serving in their career.
  • Laundry mat: Life Members donated a bunch of change to people who needed help with paying for their laundry. The people were so grateful even for just a stack of quarters.
  • IMG_3659“I saw a guy that I recognized dropping off items for his son and ex at the House of Mercy. He seemed down-and-out and it ended up being a guy I knew from high school that I used to run with. His name was Joel. I hadn’t seen him in 20 years. After I talked to him briefly, his young son came over and I just started edifying him to his son just like I had known him in high school. He was super-human as a runner and I really looked up to him. The son couldn’t believe how amazing his dad was after all the positive things I said about him. Later I talked with his ex and found out that Joel isn’t doing well so I gave her my name and number and told her to have him call me if he needed a friend to talk to. I was happy that I could paint a different picture of Joel to his son.” -Mike Hebbe

Additional Blessings:

  • The local Family Dollar radically increased their sales for the day as hundreds of people purchased school supplies and other necessities to donate throughout the city.
  • Some of the families wanted to donate money for items at the free sale because they felt bad taking things for free so the kids helping out thought of the idea to donate the extra donated money to the Humane Society across the street.
  • Even the smallest act of kindness made a difference. Some people were greeted with a compassionate hug, a friendly smile and an encouraging word. Others received a free meal, bus tokens, home-made greeting cards, an encouraging sticky-note on their car window and a free full tank of gas.

“The biggest impact this Life on Life event had on us was knowing how much help we can offer this world if we slow down enough to open our eyes and look around. We came into a city without a plan of action, but to provide random acts of kindness to people we interact with every day. It doesn’t take much to bless people and often it doesn’t take any money at all. So often we feel the need to go on a missions trip far away to make an impact when our mission field is in our own back yard. I believe this group created a ripple effect that will go on further than they know. The biggest surprise to me was how many people were stunned and in disbelief when help was offered to them. What if we cause a change where random acts of kindness are not looked at as shocking, but something that people do every day?! Life Leadership is creating a culture where ‘doing what is right’ is cool again. As a group, our eyes are now opened to how much impact a small group can make. Look out world, Life on Life is going to change the world!” – Steve and Jamie Leurquin (Life Members) 

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when a group of people align their purpose and chase it together; hundreds of people were impacted in the city of Janesville on Saturday and thousands are experiencing the ripple effect. Life on Life is truly making a difference! We are so proud of this “Stealth” organization for modeling true servant leadership. Please take a moment to check out this highlight video from the event!

Life Leadership: The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Life Leadership Explained

27 08 2015

Sometimes it’s best to get information right from the horse’s mouth.  Not to call the top influential leadership mind in the world and Chairman of Life Leadership a horse……..well……….work with me.  In this interview Orrin Woodward explains why Life Leadership will become a household name over the next 10 years!  The ripple affect created from LIFE will change the world.  After reading this interview I know you will agree!

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin 

Life Leadership Interview with Chairman, Orrin Woodward

“Over the next decade, Life Leadership will become a household name in the financial, personal, and professional development fields as it reaches millions of people across the world.” -Orrin Woodward

Orrin WoodwardEveryone wants to be a part of something–the connectedness of like-minds, like-abilities and like-interests is what draws people together. In fact, the reason Life Leadership is such an attractive company is because of its people, its products and its compensation plan. In order to help readers understand why everyone should be involved with the company, we thought it would be helpful to ask the Chairman of Life Leadership, Orrin Woodward, a few questions. Enjoy!

(The italicized responses are quoted directly from Orrin Woodward)

If there is one product created by Life Leadership that you believe everyone in the world should have, what would it be and why?

The Financial Fitness Pack is, by far, Life Leadership’s best selling program. The reason for this is practically everyone needs help with the principles or the discipline to live debt-free. With average household debt in the USA surpassing $200,000 while the average savings is $7,000, one quickly comprehends how needed financial literacy is across Western Civilization.

We often hear you say, “If it’s not broken, break it!” What is the philosophy behind this statement, and how does it help a company?

Every great company must focus on the most vital issues; for one simply cannot work on everything at the same time. In consequence, identify what areas of your business drive the greatest improvements and focus there. “If it’s not broken, break it” refers to improving vital areas regardless of whether it seems to be good currently. Good simply is not good enough when the leadership team is striving for a great company. Every process can be improved; and if it is one of the key processes that drives long-term customer satisfaction, then it is not an option.

Cast a vision: Where do you see Life Leadership in 5 years? 10 years?

Life Leadership rewards people for applying and sharing life-changing information through compensated communities. While a few companies have great information and a few companies have great compensated communities, Life Leadership is the only company that has both. Over the next decade, Life Leadership will become a household name in the financial, personal, and professional development fields as it reaches millions of people across the world. Interestingly, the Life founders realized that few people are like the young Solomon, who prayed for wisdom and had all other things added unto him. Rather, most are seeking pragmatic answers to the financial challenges they are facing; but in the process, Life Leadership provides them not only with short-term answers, but also the long-term wisdom to apply into their lives. As a result, people are not just getting financially free, but are also gaining wisdom for life to set them free in all areas of life.

When did you know–and how did you know–that education and leadership would be so much of a niche market in networking that you decided to create a company around it?

There is a verse in the Bible that says, “Man devises his plans, but God directs his steps.” This is certainly true of the Life Leadership founders. We focused on leadership development to build compensated communities when I first started in network marketing. Hence, when we started our own company, it was only natural to stay within the niche where we knew we could be world-class. Many companies can produce good products, but we knew we could be the best at two aspects, namely, life-changing information and the most lucrative compensation plan in the field.

What has been the biggest turning point/shift in growth since the company has launched?

I believe this occurred when we recognized that promoting all of our products led to us promoting none of our products effectively. The financial messaging as shared in my new book the Financial Matrix has led to double-digit growth on a monthly basis since its release. Think about that. We have the same products and the same leaders; but with better messaging, our business exploded. Why? Because a person qualifies for Life Leadership if they want to live the life they’ve always wanted and are either in debt themselves or know someone else who is in debt. In other words, every single person needs what Life has to offer and the only question is, are they willing to step out of their comfort zone to live their dreams. In truth, the only thing they have to lose is their debt.

How important is the Life on Life Initiative?

Orrin WoodwardLife Leadership is about setting people free at three levels. For some, this is high-end wealth to live their dreams. For others, it’s about wiping out the debt that is enslaving them. Finally, for the last group, it’s about setting them functionally free. It’s estimated that over 21% of Americans cannot read at a 5th grade level. This is dangerous for all of our freedoms when nearly a quarter of the people cannot read and think for themselves. As an information-based company with cutting-edge materials, we believe we must play our part in helping free the minds of people who are enslaved by the inability to read the classic works or literature and learn to think, grow, and change. This is the Life on Life Initiative which is funded by Life Leadership donating one dollar for every Life Leadership subscription we sell to anywhere in the world in order to help fight illiteracy. In addition, Life Leadership donates 100% of the profits from its All Grace Outreach series to various charities focused on widows and orphans. We believe when a person is blessed, they should also be a blessing.

Why is it so important that a leadership company produce faith-based content?

Life Leadership is not a church and thus we do not exclude people from any faiths or even no faith. We do, however, expect everyone to follow the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. I believe its imperative for the community to know where its leaders stand on the key principles of truth, love, mercy, and justice. The All Grace Outreach Series provides gospel messages of hope to inspire people to ask themselves why they believe what they believe. We have seen so many lives change as light shined into darkness and transformed them by renewing their minds. Faith, cannot be forced, but rather is the work of the Holy Spirit upon the mind, heart, and will of individual people as they wrestle with truths in their own lives. The AGO series seeks to be the catalyst that starts that process in a person’s life.

What do you love the most about Life Leadership?

Life Leadership provides an opportunity and a community where people can achieve whatever success they are willing to work for. Life Leadership is not a lottery, where a person hopes he picked the winning ticket. Instead, it’s a systematic process where a person can start with no wisdom and no results, but by adding his/her hunger to change can begin a process of discovery. This process teaches the principles needed to live life based upon wisdom rather than pragmatism or self-centeredness. What I love most is when I see people display the courage to journey down the straight and narrow path and become the person God intended them to be. The greatest joy of each of theLife Leadership Founders is knowing that God is using us to provide the platform for people to live the life they’ve always wanted, but didn’t know where to start in order to achieve it.


Now it’s your turn! What do you love the most about Life Leadership? Please leave a comment below!

Leaders Make The Decision

6 07 2015

This past weekend I had the honor of having some great leaders over to my house for a 4th of July picnic.  We we in a circle talking about the future and the many great things this fine group of people were going to accomplish over the next year.  I asked the group how they accomplished a most recent goal when an amazing point on success was made. One lady said, “We made the decision that the goal was going to be accomplished, then we figured out how to get it done!”

Think about that.  That statement sums up what it takes to be successful in anything we want to be great at.  Sports, parenting, business, it all comes down to making a decision and then making that decision right!

Then why don’t more people do it?  As I apply this principle to my goals in Life, I believe it is because we think of two things that hold us back.  First, if we make the decision, then we know we have to go out and do the work. Yes, people are creatures of comfort which can be borderline lazy. Second, when we make a decision for success, our brains automatically go to the negative and we think of what if we don’t get it done.

To answer those two I am going to give myself advice and you can listen in if you want.  Running for a goal/dream is a much more refreshing/purpose-filled life than playing it safe. Get out there and make your life into what brings your creator glory.  It’s that simple ________________ (fill in your name), we have all ben given a certain amount of time. We will either have regrets or we will know we gave our best.

Live each day to the fullest! Steve Leurquin.

The Life Leadership Model

14 05 2015

Life Founder Dan Hawkins recently posted a great article with an excellent lay-out describing what Life leadership brings to the table.  Products to customers that want to improve their lives paired with a business model for those who want to add a stream of income is just two of many things Life provides. What I’m most excited about is how much Life wants to make a difference in people’s thus making an improved world.

I hope you enjoy this great message with videos provided from Dan Hawkins. 


LIFE Leadership Making a Difference

LIFE Leadership has now been in business almost 4 years. In that time period we have experienced so many great things that fall into our motto of Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference. Tens of thousands of people receive subscriptions every month of LIFE changing information they can use to improve their lives. The stories come in daily of people applying the information to get promoted at work, improve their relationships, get out of debt and on and on. Just yesterday I received a letter from a grown daughter to her father who has been using the LIFE Leadership programs to improve his life. I was brought to tears by the letter applauding her father for becoming a better man and leading his family. Things like this make me want to work harder to reach more people because of the impact this information can have. So many will lay their head on a pillow tonight praying for answers to problems they are having or dreams they want to fulfill.

LIFE Leadership Products Retail Sales

images (2)Not only do we receive constant messages about the products making such an impact in peoples personal lives, but also the stories of people succeeding to incredible levels retailing our products to the world. Some members who join LIFE Leadership decide to learn how to make an income marketing our products and building a team to help. The LIFE Leadership Corporate Program launched a couple of years ago and continues to skyrocket. Individual members from LIFE are going out armed with great marketing tools from LIFE Leadership and introducing the programs. The stories rolling in range from getting a small business owner started to getting entire corporate management teams started! The feed back has been overwhelmingly positive and because of the response we have launch 3 – 6 month programs with a facilitators packs to lead the courses.

However, our number 1 selling product is the Financial Fitness Program (FFP). Members across the world are introducing the FFP to individuals, church groups, schools, accountants and business leaders just to name a few. The stories of people getting control of their finances and removing the stress that money can have on relationships is inspiring. One of the key elements of the FFP is not only the great information and tools offered to help with finances, but the incredible support of a communityimagesof people working together to help everyone succeed. Best selling author Orrin Woodward has been able to clarify the financial struggles so many people feel in his ground breaking book The Financial Matrix. In his book, Orrin describes the reason so many are upset but can not explain why, why over a million people a few years back marched on DC to protest agains Wall-street. In this short video about the Financial Matrix, Orrin Woodward summarizes his new book to help people understand how to get free of the matrix. Social media is lighting up with people taking this to heart and thousands of people are reporting their success in eliminating debt. People understand there is a force at work, working against the masses daily, but this can be undone. By learning the right principles you can get free of this matrix.  Yesterday, I received a social medial video of one couple sending in a $10,000+ check to payoff their vehicle, and another sending in a check to pay off their last bit of credit card debt. The FFP is making such a difference, it is creating a revolution of financial independence that will change the way we view money and debt.

LIFE Leadership Business Model

UnknownI get asked the question a lot, the LIFE Leadership materials are great, but to be honest the principles we use have been around forever, why do your materials actually create change? The secret is in the community! The LIFE Leadership community is such a special group of people, a group of entrepreneurs working daily to improve their lives and the lives of others. The LIFE Leadership materials are created by the most successful of the members, people who have worked at applying the principles first in their own lives and after they have succeeded, they are asked to share how the did it. In short, the life changing products are created by people who have changed their own lives first and now feel called to help others do the same. The world really does not need another book calling for change, but a group of people being the example of change, that is what LIFE Leadership is about.

When the founders where deciding how to best create the environment for this change to happen, the network marketing model was the only model we could find that creates the platform to truly make a difference. All of the LIFE founders gained their experience in this field. Working hard to improve ourselves to get more success in business, we realized that real success came by working on self and adding value to others. This industry, is in my option, is the best way to reach out and serve people. As an auto mechanic struggling in so many areas I was not reaching out for help, however in this industry, someone reached out to me, met me where I was at and lead me down a path of seeking truth. I was suddenly surrounded by people encouraging me to be my best and giving me the tools to do so. I remember bringing my first book to work, The Five Love Languages. Now this is not the book to bring into an auto shop, purple with flowers on it, but I knew, through mentorship, that I needed to work on my marriage. I was the laughing stock of the place, I am surprised I was not threatened to be beaten with a wrench. People there felt threatened by someone trying to improve. At the LIFE Leadership events was a different story, they probably would have threatened me if I did not read the book! :) All joking aside, the people you surround yourself with matters, they will either encourage you to grow or criticize you to stay the same and keep them comfortable. LIFE leadership is about moving forward, getting better and helping communities do the same. We hope you decide to join us in this revolution of setting people free!


I have attached a short video from one of the LIFE Members explaining the business model we use to Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference.


God bless,

Dan Hawkins

The Tripping Point In Leadership

17 04 2015

51gGJ3udJ8L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_You know you are reading a great book when more things are underlined than not. The Tripping Point In Leadership: Overcoming Organizational Apathy is just that book.  Prior to this reading, my thought of an apathetic person was a sluggard who had no ambition and didn’t care about anything. After reading this book I was shocked to learn that at times in my life, I was that “sluggard!”

Author David Byrd’s definition of apathy in Leadership is the natural, human instinct, common to us all, that consistently encourages us to seek a comfort zone in which nothing ever changes. Wow! How many times in my life have I sought out that comfort zone? Once I became aware that apathy was a natural human instinct common to us all and not just the lazy tree sloth, I could begin to contend with the thinking that has been the tripping point in my leadership growth of my organizations

Like gravity, apathy will take over in us and our organization leading to decline unless a consistent counterbalance is put in place to attack the thinking that leads to stagnation, eventually leading to a fall.  Byrd gives four powers created in our personal design to combat this natural growth of weeds in our thinking that lead to apathy.

Choice – In our attitude, action, and accountability.

Vision – Without a clear picture of future growth we are content with the past.

Attraction – We boost the energy in ourselves and others by being more attractive.

Courage – “Emotional courage is your personal, conditioned capacity to respond to all life events with positive actions rather than negative beliefs.”


Apathy was never a word I would have thrown on a list as adjectives to describe me. After becoming aware of what the word means to leadership I would have to use it to describe me in the past. Here is the great thing! It describes me in the past. Awareness is the key. Once we are aware something exists we can now take command of how to “pull the weeds” so to speak of our past thinking. I look forward to taking on this battle of apathy together with most of you. For everyone else, there’s always tomorrow.

Steve Leurquin