Eliminating Debt

14 03 2016

Life Leadership has taken on the challenge to helping people live a debt free life to anyone who wants to.  Check out the great website at FinancialFitnessinfo.com that tracks how much debt the Financial Fitness Program has eliminated already from people throughout the world!

When you read about the amazing stories of people who have become debt free, you will become a believer that we can live in a country free of debt.  It will take some work, but it’s worth it.  We want our politicians to balance the budget of our country.  What better way to show them how it is done than leading by example.

Enjoy, Steve

“Setting People Free”





2 responses

25 03 2016
Ryan Blakely

It’s incredible hearing all the stories around the world of people becoming debt free with the financial fitness program. The information by far is world class but it is also like a competition to see who can become debt free the fastest which is a blast by the way. Adam I know you guys are a true testimonial on what this product can do in someone’s life. I can also see how this ripple effect is going to help the whole world with getting debt free!!

14 03 2016

I talk to so many people that find this product to be a breath of fresh air into their lives. Everyone knows people who’s finances are not what they would like them to be. This product is the perfect fit for everyone’s financial goals! When I sit with someone to tell them about the Financial Fitness Program – I like to help them remember their goals and priorities. It has been so fun (and helpful) using this product as the on-ramp for helping people to be able to achieve their goals!

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