Total Access To Leadership

12 01 2016

Time after time, we ask the question, “What ever happened to _______?”  He could have done so much in this world but didn’t seem to reach his potential!

Have you ever answered that question?  Why did that person, who you felt was destined for greatness, not reach their full potential? I bet if you dug deep down you would find some outside source swayed them toward not seeing their true greatness inside.

The more I read about great men and women, I find that their path to an inspiring life was influenced by three things: The company they kept, the books they read, and the people they listened to (read, listen, associate).  What if there was a way to get all three things that lead to greatness in one? I pray often that when I get to the end of my life, I don’t look back and wish I had done more.

Watching the video below on Life Leadership’s Total Access, I wonder how many of peoples’ gifts will not go unopened with tools like this in their lives!  Enjoy, Steve Leurquin




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19 01 2016
Ryan Blakely

That is a huge reason why I love Life Leadership because we focus on all three. I know our time is limited with our life being a gift and what we do with it being our gift back. Just being around a group of winners helps you realize the potential you really have inside of you. That’s why every time I see that video I get chills because I know we have the best association and company in the world, who also focuses on helping others.

12 01 2016

Steve – that’s such a great thought! There have been many people in my life that I have thought highly of, and every once in a while you wonder if they were able to go on to do great things (now that so much of life is digital – its fun to be able to keep up with people that way, as well). I wonder how many of us actually do live up to our full potential. It’s actually a little nerve-racking to think what we are really possible if we give life everything we have!

12 01 2016

You are giving everything you have to this life bud! Can’t wait to see all the lives you you bless!

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