Leaders Make The Decision

6 07 2015

This past weekend I had the honor of having some great leaders over to my house for a 4th of July picnic.  We we in a circle talking about the future and the many great things this fine group of people were going to accomplish over the next year.  I asked the group how they accomplished a most recent goal when an amazing point on success was made. One lady said, “We made the decision that the goal was going to be accomplished, then we figured out how to get it done!”

Think about that.  That statement sums up what it takes to be successful in anything we want to be great at.  Sports, parenting, business, it all comes down to making a decision and then making that decision right!

Then why don’t more people do it?  As I apply this principle to my goals in Life, I believe it is because we think of two things that hold us back.  First, if we make the decision, then we know we have to go out and do the work. Yes, people are creatures of comfort which can be borderline lazy. Second, when we make a decision for success, our brains automatically go to the negative and we think of what if we don’t get it done.

To answer those two I am going to give myself advice and you can listen in if you want.  Running for a goal/dream is a much more refreshing/purpose-filled life than playing it safe. Get out there and make your life into what brings your creator glory.  It’s that simple ________________ (fill in your name), we have all ben given a certain amount of time. We will either have regrets or we will know we gave our best.

Live each day to the fullest! Steve Leurquin.




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8 07 2015
Tom Mikeska

Thank you Steve for reminding me that all that we are to do in the time we have is to give our very best to our creator. I appreciate the passion you have for everyone on this team to make to there dreams/goals.

10 07 2015

Tom, you are right! I believe we have been created in God’s image. When I think about that – I realize that we are all capable of so much more than we realize! We are created for greatness and NOW IS THE TIME!!!

7 07 2015

Fantastic perspective on making a commitment.

7 07 2015

Thanks for posting, Steve. There are solutions all around us, we just have to be bold enough to seek them.

10 07 2015

It’s awesome how our brains start to become more creative in looking for alternative solutions when we are commited (absolutely committed) to hitting our goal by a certain date!

7 07 2015
Lynn Burns

That is a great article!! Thank you for sharing – so many “decisions” are made, but how many are actually followed through on? … Makes for a great subject to think and grow on. Thanks Steve!!

6 07 2015
Ryan Blakely

Wow Steve that is such a powerful article. Having that right mindset and steering away the negative, anything can be achieved. We all need to give it our best in everything we do and develope that right thinking because that’s the only thing that can limit us. Thanks for sharing.

6 07 2015

So, so very true! When you set a goal and figure out how to achieve that goal, no matter how long it may take, you feel so elated. There is such a feel of accomplishment in having achieved that goal and it’s the best feeling in the world!


6 07 2015

Thank you for breaking this down and giving us a peak into your thinking!

Orrin has been saying that most of the PDCA process is thinking. It has been fantastic for me and my family to learn the way that you think so that we can start to get results like you have gotten.

Let’s make this summer of focusing on our goals and committing to doing what we need to do to achieve them!

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