Life Leadership Has A New BLog

27 05 2015

Hey Everybody!  Life Leadership has an exciting new blog for us to follow the impact the company is making around the world. Check out Life Founder Chris Brady’s introduction to this great new blog.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin 

Introducing the brand new Life Leadership blog!

 You’ve asked for it and now you’ve got it, a place where we at the company can quickly post for the world to see all the great things happening both behind the scenes and out in the field. 

 Subscribe to this new blog’s posts so you don’t miss any of the updates of the new “Life on Life” Initiative and how Life Members across our various markets are making a real difference in people’s lives in so many important ways.

 We look forward to your comments and active participation in this blog. Help us make it a very visible and important property on the web!  Please go there now and leave a comment.  Thx!

 Here’s the link:





3 responses

13 08 2015
What Do The Kids Think? | Steve Leurquin Leadership

[…] Enjoy, Steve Leurquin […]

30 05 2015

I love the Life on Life initiative!! I can’t wait to hear more about it!!!

28 05 2015
Ryan Blakely

Thanks for posting!! It’s a blessing to be part of a company that shares and points out the greatness in people.

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