Fighting Out of The Matrix

5 05 2015

This past week my kids turned me on to this heart-tugging, mind bending music video. The parallels to how most of us feel, trapped in today’s matrix of false information is amazing.

Watch as one leader’s voice is all the group needs to break out of the matrix. Watch their eyes change as they are blessed with truth. Notice how they are gaged from speaking and constant media is forced in their ears. Man! This video hits close to home.

Life Leadership is providing people with a path to break out of the Matrix.  New information that is generated from the only true path is needed because we already know where information that doesn’t follow that path has taken us.

As in the video, it only takes one to change the tide. Will you be that one who provides the voice of truth?!

Enjoy, Steve




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8 05 2015

Amen, brutha.


6 05 2015
Emily Hebbe

wow! You created a whole new picture in my head of the matrix!! What a great example of the lies we are told and the truth that sets us FREE !!

6 05 2015
Fighting Out of The Matrix | Jeremy Pethke's Leadership Blog

[…] Hello!  It has been awhile since I posted anything. I came across this blog this afternoon.  It conveys a very powerful statement. This is a true testament to where we are today!  It does only take one to speak up to start a change. We as a culture need to wake up to what is being done behind the scenes today.  Sadly we have become so numb to our current culture that people don’t even see when they are doing things right in front of our faces. Truth is truth.  Sometimes truth can be painful but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still nonetheless truth. Our society is in one of the biggest scams it has yet come across! Best selling author Orrin Woodward calls it the Financial Matrix.  Check out Steve’ s blog post here and leave your thoughts.   Fighting Out of The Matrix. […]

6 05 2015

Thanks for sharing Steve! Awesome video.

6 05 2015
5 05 2015

In the words of William Wallace … “what will you do without freedom!” Freedom from the Matrix for our families future depends upon a group of Rascals, to take one step forward with the courage and honor to take a stand…. one person can make a difference! !!

5 05 2015


5 05 2015
Ryan Blakely

Wow Steve thanks for sharing this. This video is exactly how the matrix is in society. It’s incredible when all it takes is one person to step out and speak truth to someone they then begin to realize they are just living in the matrix. Then to develop the courage to break free from bondage.

5 05 2015

You bet Ryan. Amazing how accurate it is to current life. Thanks to people like you who speak out!

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