Remarkable Life

22 07 2014

There are many powerful books that come out through the Life Leadership Subscription Series. This past month a remarkable book titled RemarkableRemarkable was sent to me and every page has caused me think deeper and deeper. What I do for a living is build communities of leaders who go out and add value to this world. Through 4 maxims, Remarkable will teach you how to make choices that create value in not only your life, but everyone’s life around you.

The four maxims of value you creation as state in Remarkable are:

1. Maxim of Creativity – We are designed to create value in life.

2. Maxim of Positivity – Authentic positivity is the by-product of creating true value.

3. Maxim of Sustainability – To continuously create value, leverage your passion and strengths to solve problems.

4. Maxim of Responsibility – Ownership empowers people to take responsibility for creating value.

It is never my intention to tell people what to think, rather to give people the tools to lead their self to live the life they have always wanted. To do that I offer you my recommendation of this book to add to your “toolbox”. This book, along with the maxims, will leave you searching for what you can do to create more value in people’s lives. This statement alone is the true meaning of success – adding value to people’s lives.

I hope you enjoy this read and I look forward to your comments on what this it has done for your life and the lives of the people you have added value to.

Steve Leurquin





4 responses

22 07 2014

This thing called leadership is a really funny thing. Like many, I first saw the role of a leader as self serving; to increase value to myself and to get others to help me look good. I have come to realize that a true leader is a servant. One that looks to add value to others without worrying about what you will get in return. The paradox is that when you add value to others, and only when you add value to others do people start to reciprocate; trying to pay it back and then pay it forward. Only then you have multiplied your effects by the amount of value that you have created in your life and others!

22 07 2014
Randy Ross

Steve – Thanks for sharing the message of Remarkable! Please encourage your readers to become a part of the Remarkable Movement, spreading kindness and inspiring hope! To join the movement and receive an inspirational video every week, simply visit and sign up. Keep finding Remarkable!

23 07 2014

You bet Randy! Thanks for your comment and thanks for writing such a great book!

23 07 2014

Also, Randy thank you for your response. I write blogs on many different books and this is the first time I have had an author provide feedback. I know the many readers who follow this blog and subscribe to Life Leadership appreciate you taking the time to do this!

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