Monumental 2014!

1 01 2014

Happy New Year Everyone! My family and I are excited for what we know is going to be a great year for so many people who believe in Freedom! A friend of mine recently gave me a documentary by Kirk Cameron titled Monumental. It was a powerful must see for every family to say the least! Jamie and I along with our three kids nestled down with some snacks as we watched in shock what we are not being taught regarding the truth of our country’s founding.

After the movie we all shared what we got most from it and I want to tell you, our kids (your kids too) get it! My wife and I have chose early on to educate our children because as you will see, that was the way it was meant to be and the people who we have given the power to do it are doing a terrible job (and I’m not blaming the teachers. As a teacher I was blinded too)!

I left the trailer for you to watch in hopes that you bring in this new year by watching eye opener with your family. Happy Freedom! Enjoy, Steve Leurquin




3 responses

31 01 2014
Shelly Jenkins

Hi Steve,
It’s interesting that I just read this post and I watched that same video last night. It was very eye opening. More people need to know about the truths that are country was founded on! Thanks for sharing.

2 01 2014

Thanks Steve. We have to let people knowthis information for sure.

1 01 2014
Ami Watson

We too really loved this movie. With our jaws hanging open from what we learned, thought this movie passes along what our nation has forgotten or actually maybe never even learned. Like the Matrix of Liberty, oh what a beautiful sight. So thankful for leaders like yourself and others I have been blessed to now know, wanting to keep learning, to restore America.

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