30 09 2013

It seems as though people doing great things is becoming cool again! After many years of a constant bombardment of negative happenings being the only thing highlighted in the media, I have had an enormous amount of people sending me stories of great people doing even greater things!

Thanks to the heroes like the two gentlemen you about to see, our generation is waking up to the fact that when you realize where you came from, everyone should be treated like the special creation they are!  Demetrius…..Thank you! 

This life is a great journey, Enjoy it! Steve Leurquin

high school wrestler down syndrome

We share a pretty thorough amount of stuff to make you cry on this site, from sick kids in wheelchairs scoring touchdowns to army dads returning home to surprise their families todead dog mascots who tweet from Heaven, so it’s amazing to me that a story as inspiring and touching as the one between Atlanta high schoolers Demetrius de Moors and Michael Lind could be almost a year old and not have any major mainstream coverage.

Demetrius was set to compete in Georgia’s prestigious South Metro Wrestling Tournament and stepped in against Lind, a kid with Down Syndrome. I won’t spoil it for you in an asinine paragraph, but if you’ve got five free minutes, watch this video in its entirety, cry a little bit, and feel a hell of a lot better about humanity.


It’s such a great story, even if Randy Orton makes an unwelcome cameo.


Demetrius ended up winning a 2012 National Sportsmanship Award for his efforts, and it was well-deserved. But hey, Demetrius? It’s okay to tell your mom when you do something cool like this.

People are pretty okay sometimes, huh?





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18 09 2014

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23 10 2013
Jeremy Pethke

Wow! Yep, if someone doesn’t shed a tear, they dont have a heart. This a great lesson on sportsmanship, and even more importantly, he didn’t just give the win to Lind. Thank you for the post Steve!
God Bless

15 10 2013
gregjohnson on leadership


This is true sportsmanship and an example of a leader no matter the age.
Great article!

14 10 2013

What a great story!

7 10 2013
Greg Streuly

Great to see that level of leadership and service is someone so young. I love the fact that he he didn’t think it was that big a deal AND I love the fact the still made Michael still earn the win. That feeling of accomplishment when you work hard for something is amazing.

4 10 2013


1 10 2013
steve sager

Servant-hood and Leadership! The best was when his mom didn’t even know about it!!

Its crazy how the best, deep defining moments of internal courage and commitment in a person’s life: are not about the external victories…. rather the internal one’s of standing up to do what is right. I bet ya his dad was a big time influence in service, honor, integrity and commitment to excellence. Sounds like Leadership matters???

3 10 2013
emily hebbe

Well put Steve!! Great example of humanity!! I too thought the best part was when we found out the mom didn’t know!!! Awesome kid!! Victories within the struggle! Great post S!!

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