Assist of a Champion, Shot of a Lifetime

20 09 2013

There are moments when I am just so proud to be a human being I just can’t stand it! With tears in my eyes I watched this video several time and I am in awe of God’s glory! God? You may ask. God didn’t pass Mitchell the ball.

Well, if a creator did not exist, if we were just products of chance and only the fittest survive in a quest of superiority to advance the best genes, then Jonathan would have never done what he did and Coach Moralas would not even bother taking Mitchell under his care. There is absolute truth and thank you to Coach, Mitchell, and Jonathan for your shinning light of how great that truth can be!

Enjoy the video, Steve Leurquin




6 responses

31 10 2013

When you are raising your kids, this is how you hope they would act if given the chance. I’m thankful that someone “passed us the ball” and gave us what seemed to be our “only shot”. Those are the moments you never forget.

15 10 2013
gregjohnson on leadership


A class coach, and a kid with a heart make everyone who experienced this a better person. Thanks for sharing this amazing story.

27 09 2013
Greg Streuly

Love It! I needed this after the week I’ve had. Thanks Steve!

26 09 2013
Kristen Seidl

OMG choked me up a bit (with a huge smile)!! A great reminder that we should never doubt the hearts of anyone, especially the next generation.

Also, impressed you played a basketball clip 😉 Thanks for sharing Steve!

21 09 2013
steve sager

great video…. and even a greater message

20 09 2013

Wow, thanks Steve. Treat others as you want to be treated… awesome.

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