June Life Seminars

10 06 2013

This past weekend Jamie and I were in Fort Wayne, Indiana speaking to life-wlc2012great leaders that are taking steps toward their dreams and leaving a legacy for their family and country. We have spoke throughout North America and we are always impressed with the high level of people from many different backgrounds who make up the Life Community!

There are many Life Seminars that occurred this past weekend throughout North America with countless seminars taking place through the internet in remote locations.  In my homestate of Wisconsin, I was getting message after message of how great Chris and Danae Mattis did teaching the skills needed to be successful in many areas of their life.

If you attending a Life Seminar this past weekend what was the biggest thing you took from it? Leave a comment and let everyone know the great things that are happening when this great group of people get together!

Steve Leurquin





9 responses

14 06 2013

The seminar in Madison, WI was outstanding. Chris and Danae Mattis shared so much that is going to help us grow and get to our goals and dreams. Chris’ passion and confidence are so convicting. I learned a lot from that just from watching how he carries himself!

14 06 2013

We can’t wait to see them and many more of the top leaders in the LIFE business in just one week!

12 06 2013
Teesa Rossman

I gained many helpful insights from Chris and Danae this past Saturday in Madison. One of them was “God’s delays aren’t his denials”. We also learned a lot about developing and empowering leaders. So thankful that we get to learn from those who have actually walked the path that we are on.

11 06 2013
Gary S.

The Mattis’ were, as usual, on top of their game. The teaching they’re able to do while still being able to relate to every age and personality is incredible. I find it interesting that there are so many of the younger generation getting started in LIFE and the fact that it doesn’t take them long to understand that we’re in such a different economy than we were, even 10 years ago. They definately, “get it”. Chris Mattis’ talk on leveraging information and duplicating your efforts with a proven system, whether you’re in the LIFE business, or own another business, was a game changer! Can’t wait for the audio to be made available for everyone in and outside of the LIFE company!

10 06 2013
Keith Crook

A great nugget from the Houston LIFE Live seminar is you’ve got to have a dream that is going to move you (into action). There was definitely rumble coming out of Texas after Saturday!

12 06 2013

Bring that rumble to Columbus, OH! We can’t wait to see you!

26 06 2013

The Leadership Convention that happened in Columbus was amazing. I have heard from many who heard something over the weekend that inspired them go out and get their dreams.

10 06 2013
Steve Sager

We attended the Madison, WI seminar where Chris Mattis said a profound statement that is so true with every day life. Here it is…

“Did you know if you argue for your excuses to not succeed; that YOU get to keep them!! It’s a choice… so choose wisely!!” ~ Chris Mattis

28 06 2013
Adam Rossman

I heard there is an amazing line up for the LIFE Live events in July, too!! I can’t wait to see Dan Hawkins with Orrin & Laurie Woodward(!!!!) in Madison, Wisonsin!!!!

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