He’s Still An Animal!

10 05 2013

I wanted to give everyone an update on a gentleman that I wrote about over a year ago. Don is now 74 years old and he is still bench pressed over 315 pounds on his birthday! He is a the “young man” of the weight with his wisdom, encouragement, and energy he brings to those around him.Thanks for your inspiration Don!

Here is the article I wrote awhile back with the words of wisdom from a great man!

Steve Leurquin

Are You Younger Than A 72 Year-Old?

A few years ago I met a great man at the health club where I exercise. I’d like to introduce him to you because I hope he is as big of an inspiration to you as he is to me. What makes him so special is that he is doing what every man hopes to have the will and courage to do, live life to the fullest. I got the idea to write a leadership article on Don because even though he was born March 11th, 1939, (Yes, that makes him 72!) he is able to out lift almost all the guys at the health club (including me). Although surgeries and the inevitable father time have been rough on him he is young at heart, proving age truly is a state of mind.

This is Don bench pressing 335lbs!

When and where were you born?

I was born March 11, 1939 just north of Jefferson, Wisconsin in the house I grew up in.  (I was going to make an old age joke but thought it not good for my health :) )

Tell me about your family.

I have been married for 50 years to Cathy. I have three kids, 7 grandkids, and 3 great grandkids. 

Were you in the armed-forces?

I served for four years in the Navy as a Gunners Mate from 1956-1960. I traveled to many places like Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, China, Japan, and Hawaii. I was never in any combat but came close. As we were sailing down to the Panama Canal they cleared up the conflict before we got there. 

You lift a lot of weight for anybody much less a guy almost 73. Tell me how you do it?

Seven years ago I started lifting again after many years off. I had two shoulder surgeries on each shoulder and figured I better start doing something. So I started with the bar (45lbs) and worked my way up from there.

I set a goal to bench 315lbs on my 7oth birthday, a weight I have never put up in my life. On that day I bench pressed 325 pounds!

How do you stay so fit?

I just stay active. I workout five days a week. I guess I just keep moving then it’s not so hard to get started again. I set goals and then go after them.

Don, you’re pretty sharp and quick-witted with the young whipper snappers around here, what do you do to stay so “mentally fit?”

I read a lot. I like Western Books, National Geographic, and I like reading history.

You’ve been married 50 years! Any advice for us “youngins” on how to have a healthy, happy marriage?

Marriage is a give and take. You have to have patience with each other to work things out. The problem now-a-days is that at the first sign of trouble everyone wants to get a divorce. 

The goal of Team LIFE Leadership is provide people information in the 8F’s for them to keep striving for a better life. Don teaches a valuable leadership lesson. Never stop growing, never stop changing is the message he teaches as he is living that message every day by example. Thanks for the inspiration Don!

Enjoy the journey.  Steve Leurquin




5 responses

15 05 2013

That is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

13 05 2013

Hi Steve: Thanks for the update on your friend. Loved the story then and now.Some of us keep keeping on so cause we would rather wear out then rust out. Get it ?

11 05 2013

Kind of reminds me of my dad. My dad turns 60 next week (don’t tell anyone) and just last month he tested to get his 3rd degree black belt. Both guys could kick my butt.

11 05 2013

That is awesome!!

10 05 2013
Marpay Fitness

Wow what a fella. Inspiring!

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