I Can’t Keep Up With The Life Business Success Stories

4 04 2013

A couple of weeks ago I attended yet another freedom party of someone whoIMG_2050 has utilized the Life Training material to live the life they have always wanted. Mike and Emily Hebbe are successful because they are, without-a-doubt, a couple who exemplify kindness and passion to the many people they serve.

Several years ago Mike and Emily were introduced to Life. With a farming and a skilled labor background they were never afraid of hard work and they saw a way that they could work hard, be compensated fairly for that hard work, helping others at the same time. This couple has become a great example to so many people as how to get it together, together. They have said many times how the Life information has saved their marriage.

Now their next victory has arrived! Imagine, it’s a Friday afternoon. You are 29 (give or take :)) years of age and a limo pulls into your place of employment. Your family and friends get out of the limo to pick you up for the last time as you have just created a pipeline flow of income where you no longer need that job. You have earned your freedom and all your time back with your family allowing you to teach your kids during the day the principles you have always wanted them to learn. As your driving away to a celebration party with food and friends, there are dozens of balloons floating through the air, let go to represent the many years you were able shave off the retirement date of 65 that the world says you have to work to.

This is exactly what Emily Hebbe did a couple weeks ago. You see, your life is your own. Mike and Emily Hebbe several years ago decided to take their future into their own hands. If you want something different in life, you have to do something different. Mike and Emily could look in the future following people of similar paths and could see they didn’t want that path. They decided to learn from people who had the results they wanted. Now, because of that, many people are learning from them, following their example.

Thank you Mike and Emily for having the courage to lead in a world that so desperately needs it.

Steve Leurquin




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11 04 2013
Mike and Emily Hebbe

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments!! It really is crazy to have a victory and so many people around us celebrating with us!!!

8 04 2013

Congrats Mike & Emily!! Another great example of what is possible with the LIFE Business.

You both always have such a great attitude and seem to be happy to serve those around you. Its no wonder you are experiencing so much success. I am excited to see what else the future holds for you and all the others that decide to take this business and make the most of it!!

6 04 2013
Gary Severson

Congrats to the Hebbe’s! I’ve watched this couple grow together as a husband and wife, mother and father, and leaders of people for a few years now. When you hear the statement, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional”, you won’t find a more shining example of a couple who take personal responsibility for their lives than Mike & Emily! I want to thank them for being such an inspiration to so many, and showing the world that success is available for anyone with the courage to go after it. Way to go Hebbe’s!

7 04 2013
steve sager

ditto that Gary!!

8 04 2013

That’s a good quote, Gary!

6 04 2013
Keith Crook

Congratulations Mike and Emily! What a fantastic success story. Thanks for inspiring belief.

8 04 2013

We can’t wait to read about success stories from Keith & Rebecca Crook!!!

5 04 2013
Dave Stadel

Congratulations Mike and Emily!!!! How many precious moments with the kids will Emily now get…with Mike to follow. Hang tough and keep chasing your dreams!

4 04 2013
Dayna Wilkerson

Thanks for sharing this success story!! Way to go, another Mom home! Emily seems to always have a smile on her face and a kind, encouraging words when we see her! Mike is gonna be home soon!!
God Bless!!

4 04 2013
Teesa Rossman

We are so proud of you guys! You are an excellent example to the entire team that hard work pays off. Thanks for paving the way for so many others.

8 04 2013

That’s right!!

4 04 2013

Awwwwwsooooooome ! Congratulations Emily !!!! We have had the honor to watch you guys grow in your leadership over the past few years , and are so proud to be associated with you ! You are both an example of never quitting , even though many people who have gone through similar ups and downs probably would . Steve is so right about your kindness and compassion , but your spirit is the thing I most admire about you . Emily , you light up the room when you come in and everyone around you can’t help but smile and be lifted up ! Thank you for leading the way for so many others . I know many , many more people will have their freedom parties because of you helping them through Life .

4 04 2013
Steve Sager

What a great victory for Mike and Emily!!!

We have seen them grow so much from the LIFE community and lead their hearts!! Their story is so inspirational for others to follow. How awesome it is to see her have freedom !!!

Sooooooooo proud of both of you!!


4 04 2013
Bryan Kemp

Congratulations Hebbe’s!!!!! Another perfect example of how the correct information applied can Change Lives. Way to lead the charge for your family and teams, You guys are a True Inspiration to us and many many others!!! FREEDOM!!! Reanna and I are so excited for you, we can’t wait to see you Saturday and congratulate you in person!! Love You guys, GOD BLESS!!!

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