Save Olympic Wrestling

15 03 2013

Recently the Olympic Committee made a decision to drop one of the oldest sports in the olympics. Now, I’m all for rousing game of table tennis or a sitting on the edge of your seat, session of synchronized swimming, but dropping one of the oldest sports known to man doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Sometimes whats popular isn’t always right, and what is right isn’t always popular. Wrestling may not be the most popular sport in the world but that doesn’t reduce what the sport has done for so many throughout the entire world. The one-on-one competition teaches self-defense, self-confidence, and mental toughness of succes that is second to no other sport out there. In success or defeat, one only has to look inside themselves to evaluate their progress or lack there of. In a world where self-accountability is at an all-time low and passing the buck is at its highest, wrestling stands as a beacon of light as model for people to realize that if we want to make a change toward success, it begins with me.  Maybe that’s why the powers at hand want to get rid of it.  Enjoy the video. Steve Leurquin




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30 03 2013
Kristina Meinel

I’ve been completely obsessed with wrestling since I was in 6th grade (and it wasn’t just because of the uniforms). The complexity, strength, mental toughness, intelligence,and endurance this sport requires is awe-inspiring. It’s a shame someone would want to eliminate it from the Olympics.

21 03 2013
Matt Mielke

I am stunned!! I can’t believe it Steve. I was a wrestler and track guy in my youth. My passion was to wrestle at the UW-Madison, but I started too late. I find no other sport that requires so much intensity and discipline then wrestling.

20 03 2013
April Wrage

Sad to hear about this decision by the IOC! Both my brothers wrestled in high school. We totally enjoyed watching the sport. Thanks for sharing the video.

19 03 2013
Dayna Wilkerson

That was a fantastic video, Thank you for sharing it! It is insane people would want to remove wrestling from the Olympic games!! I know most wrestlers are tough guys and I never realized how much the sport challenges each person. I admired the guys who did wrestle.

18 03 2013
Greg Streuly

Great post Steve. I feel like many people in the country would agree with you. Why get rid of fun sport to watch, but keep ribbon dancing or what ever that thing with the ball is. I never wrestled (I didn’t play basketball either 🙂 ), but I have been involved in sports and events where the competition was mano-a-mano, and the life lessons learned are crucial. Not to mention the heroes wrestling has given us! True stories of perseverance and determination that inspire everyone.

17 03 2013

I have a family of wrestling fanatics (they love what they do and to me that is a positive term). They have utilized this sport to bond together and instill some very important principles into their children that I believe will last a lifetime; not to mention that they likely may have never learned without their affiliation to this sport. I don’t know that skills cannot be learned in other sports, but the introspection that wrestling requires cannot be ignored, where in most others there is room for that. I believe the best athletes and most successful people in any area will have that same characteristic, but this is arguably a great field to learn, apply and refine it. Thanks for the post!

In love and basketball 🙂


17 03 2013

That’s crazy!!

17 03 2013
steve sager

I’m not against Handball, Sailing, Table Tennis, Field Hockey, Badminton, Racewalk (eh?), Dressage (had to look this one up)…. And Golf in 2016? Yet, something is out of wack here….when compared to wrestling.

We should send the IOC back to the 1st Olympiad in 1896 and let them explain to the Greek army that wresting is not accepted, at the greatest world competition of athletes any more…yet people who walk, golf, hit a ping pong ball and ride a horse are considered the Olympic greats! Gosh, I wonder if paper football on a kitchen table will be allowed soon 🙂 !

16 03 2013

It is interesting that they would cut one of the oldest olympic sports. You would think there would be certain core sports that would be kept and others that would be eliminated, especially newer ones. I wonder what the “stated” reasons are.

16 03 2013
John Graff

Excellent post Steve,
A lot of folks don’t know this, but I wrestled in a 3rd. and 4th. grade tournaments back in the early 70’s ( I know, I know… I’m old! I get it). I admit, I lost more matches than I won, but I couldn’t point to anyone else for my results, and when I did win, I knew I earned it! Why on earth get rid of a sport that teaches so much while demanding your best to succeed is beyond me!
Thanks again for a great reminder of character in motion.
John Graff

17 03 2013

John, your point is great on a sport that teaches so much. I never knew you hit the mat and wrestled! Very Cool!

15 03 2013
Bryan Kemp

Great Post and Video Steve!! You have my vote to save wrestling in the Olympics, and my word to do our part on the lack of “self-accountability” in the world. Would love to have you show me a few wrestling moves some day, just don’t break anything important 🙂

15 03 2013
Tim Braund

Awesome post and video Steve! Couldn’t agree more. It is amazing the life lessons I and other have learned from wrestling. Thanks

15 03 2013

Enjoyed the video Steve: You are so right why the powers that be want to drop it.What’s next? Probably something else that build strong leadership skills.
Many criticize things they don’t understand.

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