Battle of The Mind

19 12 2012

The state of Wisconsin has the honor of having one of the top leaders in the leadership industry teach in our own back yard this January. As a successful physical therapist, Kirk Birtles used the principles he now teaches to gain freedom in his time and finances. He is also well sought after for his humorous speaking style teaching the success principles he lives everyday in his relationships.

I provided a post from Kirk Birtles‘ blog to give everyone a small Scooby Snack of what they have a chance to learn next month.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

fight photoOne of the biggest success principles I have learned from being involved with Orrin Woodward and the Life business is, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’.  Being a tough, thought-reframing, pain-ignoring, conflict-resolving, overcoming and problem-solving man or woman is a big part of what it is all about to be a true success.  As you probably noticed, the saying is not ‘if’ it gets tough, its ‘when’ it gets tough.  We will all face obstacles, challenges on our success journey.  The question is will we be ready to face these mini-golliaths as they come up on the road to success. We have all heard the old cliche statements like, ‘success is always on the other side of inconvenience’, ‘dream, struggle, victory’, and ‘The greater the obstacle, the greater the glory’, etc….  The more I dig into leadership and success, the more I am convinced that all these cornball statements are absolutely true!  God has equipped us all with abilities way beyond what we currently believe.  Let’s have the faith and trust in this to be tough and see it through.

As I am sitting here in my office thinking of what to write next, I look around at my bookshelves chocked-full of biographies of the most successful & tough people that have ever lived.  People like Winston Churchill, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Shackleton, Sam Walton, Tom Monaghan, Jackie Chan, Chuck Yeager, Jay Leno, Jim Elliot, Vince Lombardi, Cal Ripken, the apostle Paul, Theodore Roosevelt, and countless others.  People who are or have been the best in the world at their respective craft, but at the same time have proven to be about as tough as you can get.  There is a definite correlation between ‘success’ and ‘toughness’.  In other words, if you want to have more success and move on in life, it’s time to TOUGHEN UP!

Here are 5 ‘Toughness’ life categories and some tips and resources to help you toughen up:

For the rest of the article, click the following link:




12 responses

14 02 2013
Dayna Wilkerson

This was definitely a great blog to read, thank you for posting Steve! It really helped improve my thinking right now! Plus it was fantastic to hear Kirk speak on this topic on Jan. 5th

30 12 2012
Kevin Knuteson

I don’t even want to think about how long it will be before we get them in WI again. They are on the move to PC and beyond. Thanks for your post Steve! I will be working to get anyone in front of them possible…this is where decisions are made that change lives!!!

30 12 2012
Teesa Rossman

Thanks for sharing, Steve. I like to consider myself a tough cookie, but I need to keep my mental toughness in gear and reading things like this helps.

22 12 2012
Tony Klubertanz

Thick skin and a soft heart. I couldn’t agree more Steve!

21 12 2012

I noticed how he mentioned “when the going gets tough” not “if the going gets tough.”

I guess some of us think that the really successful people got to be that way because “they didn’t have it like I did”, or “they don’t understand what I’ve been through.” But I guess he’s saying that we’ve all been through some rough stuff in life and when we get there we have two options. We can sit in the mud and be upset that our butts are all muddy or we can keep stomping forward until we get out of the gross stuff.

Iron sharpens iron and I really appreciate you and Kirk coming along side of me to knock some of the dull edges off my blade!

26 12 2012

This is a great article and I like your comment Adam. Can’t wait for Birtles’ seminar!

26 12 2012

Love this article and like your post Adam. Can’t wait for Birtles’ seminar!

30 12 2012
Teesa Rossman

Adam, you are a good example of being very quick to re-frame and move forward. You help me keep my “blahs” in check.

20 12 2012
Bryan Kemp

What a great post to share Steve, thank you. Jan. seminar is going to be one to remember and not miss that’s for sure. The Birtles´ are Definitely highly anticipated for my wife and I, considering we love their CDs and Live talks at the Leadership Conventions. Kirk is hilarious as he delivers a powerful message. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe Holiday Season!

19 12 2012

Thanks for sharing that article with us. I know Teesa and I are really excited to see Kirk and Cassie next month as well!

19 12 2012
steve sager

The Birtles are as tough as it gets…… He loves to fight the battle and much like you Steve, he doesn’t have the word “quit” in his vocabulary.

19 12 2012
Kelli Sager

Can’t wait to see the Birtles January 5th ! I wouldn’t miss it for any reason ! Thanks for the re-post Steve !

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