Get Up Each Time You Fall

28 11 2012

My friend and business partner Eric Blomdahl recently put up a post that made me get that tingly feeling you get when you see greatness! I was so inspired by this woman’s relentless tenacity in pursuit of her dream.  She would let nothing, not even a fall, stop her from leaving everything she had a the field.

My question for myself (and you) as I watched it is, am I giving everything I have every day in pursuit of my dream. I hope when my time on this Earth expires I able to answer yes. I hope you are too!  Enjoy, Steve Leurquin.

The Race

When I was younger, I had a feeling inside of me that I could never quite figure out. It wasn’t until joining LIFE/TEAM and Orrin Woodward that I realized that feeling was placed inside of me by God as an “indicator” that He had something big planned for me. I believe God has something big planned for you too. Our job is to figure out what God’s plan is for each of us and then…fulfill it.

At some point in each of our lives, an opportunity will present itself where we are given a chance to show the world what we are made of…will you be ready when that opportunity arises for you? All the training and preparation will not matter…you can’t coach it…it will come down to sheer heart and determination from down deep inside. God has given each of us everything needed for greatness. Never underestimate what you can accomplish with God’s help and guidance. The video below is one of those “must see to believe” moments for a young Minnesota athlete…enjoy!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

God bless,
Eric C. Blomdahl




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19 12 2012
Battle of The Mind « Steve Leurquin Excellence in Living

[…] Enjoy, Steve Leurquin […]

13 12 2012

Amen Steve: Great video. It is about getting up that is important. Cool that she won as well. Going from failure to failure with a winners heart and attitude is what it’s all about. God bless –Bill–

13 12 2012

Amen Steve: Great blog yes it was getting up after the fall. awesome that she won besides. Go from failure to failure with a winners heart and attitude.

God bless

8 12 2012
Amy Nelson

Wonderful post! Not only am I touched deeply by the video, but it is something that I am able to share with my two little boys. Little ones get easily frustrated as they are learning to develop emotional intelligence, and it’s a great visual for any age to press on!!!

5 12 2012
Teesa Rossman

Love this video, love this song. I have had this song stuck in my head a lot recently. Remembering that God is good when there is nothing good in me is such a comforting thought. What a blessed family we have been through our rises and falls. Keep moving forward!

29 11 2012
Kevin Hamm

Yea, I want to live my life like that. Thanks Steve

3 12 2012

Yep – we are all in too!

Richard and Jammie

29 11 2012

I agree! There is that burning desire inside of us, anxious to hear, “well done my good and faithful servant.” (I get excited just thinking about it).

I can almost hear Mickey yelling “get up ya son of a gun….” Thanks for standing on our corner and encouraging us to push through the struggles to greatnes

29 11 2012
Ryan Blakely

I got chills just watching this video Steve! Great story of when others probably think your defeated, and you know not to give up and use your failure as a reason to press on and give it all you’ve got, knowing your a champion inside! Always run to the last second and have faith in what your doing, great things will happen! I need to keep this video on my list! Thanks for posting!

28 11 2012
steve sager

What an incredible story!!! That has got to be one of the top videos ever; on never quitting. Seeing her go after it and chasing the finish line no matter what; and not accepting anything less then her very best!! This is why as humans, we truly never know what we can accomplish unless we give it everything we got, every breath counts!!

29 11 2012
steve sager

fail forward !!!

28 11 2012
Kelli Sager

Awesome post Steve ! I think we are all guilty of staying down when we fall at some point in our lives . I know I sure have been . What’s important is , at some point we have to learn how to get back up . Having people like you & Jamie not only be the example of getting up , but put you hand out to MANY people and pull us back up has been a blessing to us . Getting up might be painful & scary , but i’d rather do that than never experience anything !

28 11 2012
Dayna Wilkerson

WOW! Thanks for sharing this Steve!! You have given us a great example of overcoming the odds and living ON purpose! Greatness is inside us all, thanks for helping bring it out by speaking words of encouragement!!!!

God Bless!

28 11 2012

Keep praying champ because you are well on your way to doing just that.

28 11 2012
Bryan Kemp

Great post Steve! I pray every day for the wisdom to see & learn the lessons being laid in my path and the courage & strength to act on them. Like you, I didn’t realize that I was created for greatness until I was led back to my Lord and Savior through the LIFE business. I’m truly thankful for understanding the power in the right information, and for having such great leaders to help guide us to the TRUTH

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