What A Year!

30 10 2012

It has been 1 year since LIFE has launched and what a year it has been! Lives are being changed with close to $2 million in bonuses alone be paid out to a community of independent thinkers.

This past weekend we celebrated the 1 year mark with a huge leadership convention. The amount of recognition was off the charts and this was only the tip of the iceberg! Check out a recent post by LIFE Founder Orrin Woodward as he highlights this amazing event. Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

LIFE Business Major Function

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 29, 2012

It’s Monday morning after an amazing LIFE Business Major Convention. Thousands of people were recognized on stage for achieving new pins, numbers, and vacations.  From Thursday night through early Sunday afternoon, the LIFE community experienced it best information and inspiration weekend ever. The teams within the community have united together to break more power players than ever before.

With speakers the caliber of Chris and Terri BradyTim and Amy MarksClaude and Lana HamiltonBill and Jackie LewisGeorge and Jill GuzzardoDan and Lisa Hawkins, Mark McDonald, and Pastor Stephen Davey, I knew it was going to be a great weekend. However, what put it over the top was the enthusiasm and belief of the attendees. Never before have so many people advanced in the business and that belief spread to everyone attending the event.

There were many magic moments in Columbus. If you attended the event, please share you magic moments and key nuggets you are taking away from the major to grow. The LIFE Business is changing the world one person at a time!


Orrin Woodward




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5 11 2012

Honestly, I was ready to head home after the leadership meeting Friday afternoon. The passion and excitement the PC leaders shared during that session was inspirational. It seems that everyone is at a whole new level and its so exciting to see the organization put together an event designed to help people achieve their goals and dreams in life.

I’m glad I didn’t leave after the Friday afternoon session, because I would have missed seeing a bunch of my amazing teammates, seeing Team Kaizen recognized for huge accomplishments in their teams and I would have missed the Friday evening meeting with all the Team Stealth leaders. I know that there were many people in that room that will never forget that meeting. In my mind – that meeting is where the future of a dynasty began.

Team Stealth 180!! Who will?? WE WILL!!!!!!

12 11 2012
Teesa Rossman

“future of a dynasty”, couldn’t agree with you more!

5 11 2012
gregjohnson on leadership

The highlight for me this weekend was the talk the Brady’s did Saturday evening on closing the gap between your purpose and your actions.

I wonder how many people never gave a thought as to what their purpose was until the entered the LIFE community.

3 11 2012
Leadership and LIFE

Thank you for sharing Steve! I believe this major will live forever in the hearts of Team STEALTH! Stealth 180….Who will?

5 11 2012

We will!!!!!

7 11 2012
Ryan Blakely


2 11 2012
Bryan Kemp

Agreed! Best Major so far. Reanna and I have been involved and fully committed for a little over a year now and we have not missed a single major nor do we plan to! One thing that we have realized is how important it is to be around the people in the community, when you are apart of a community. Then there is the “Information”, every time we get the best in the business giving us the best that they have!! When we get back from these Leadership Conventions, there is just so much excitement from those who were there, you feel like you are fire hosing someone when you try to explain it to someone who wasn’t there. I was able to bring home from this last Major a whole new strategy for our teams, Thanks Team Kaizan…… Team Stealth180!!!

31 10 2012
Shawn Brown

Great weekend Steve. I owe a big thanks to Team Kaizan for breaking LIFE”s four minute mile. Just wait till the next convention.

5 11 2012

Shawn, are you going to ride your Harley to Louisville?!

30 10 2012
Valerie Ostic

Excellent! What an incredible experience to mark the 1st birthday of a phenomenal community of opportunity!

30 10 2012
Ryan Blakely

Thanks for posting this Steve! The magic moment I believe most of us felt was belief. The movement that team Kaizen have created and Wayne and Raylene Mac Namara going Power Player Top Gun!! Yes and all those yellow flags! They deserve every part of that pptg this go around! They gave us the vision and there is no stopping us! So Thanks team Kaizen!

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