Freedom In Life

21 09 2012

We all love dream-struggle-victory movies. We cheer when Rocky goes from the poor streets of Philadelphia working at a meat packing industry to a world champion boxer. We cry when un-athletic, not meant for college Rudy who gets ridiculed from his family for his dream, gets carried off the field for fulfilling a life long dream.

This is a great story by Dan Hawkins of dream-struggle-victory. The difference here is they did it by helping people. Along with this story I wish you could hear of the many people’s lives the Sagers have touched along their road to their first of many victories.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

Success in the LIFE Business

The LIFE Business is less than 1 year old and gaining momentum at record rates.  Orrin Woodward and the rest of the founders at LIFE have created a compensation plan that is helping people get free from financial bondage.

From time to time I like to recognize leaders who are out in living rooms night after night making it happen and hitting new levels. The level I would like to recognize today is significate to say the least. The couple I am featuring has accomplished a leadership level few people in any  field ever experience. The goal of leadership is to first develop a following, but then more important create other leaders. This couple is doing both with character and class.

This story begins with a police officer and a factory worker who began to dream of a better life for themselves and others around them. It was less than 1 yr ago….  For the rest of the story click here.




9 responses

28 09 2012
Bryan A. Kemp

What a Victory!! Blessed to be able to share in the Celebrations that night. Thank You Steve and Kelli for having a Dream / Vision and the Tenacity to chase it. But more importantly, Thank You for having the HEARTS that you have to help the rest of us to develop our own Dreams / Visions. Thank You for Leading the Charge!!

25 09 2012
Kristen Seidl

I wonder if this works 😉 Thanks and congratulations Steve and Kelli for having the courage to show more people what freedom looks like!

23 09 2012
Kevin Hamm


I remember riding back from Orrin’s a year ago in your van with Steve and Kelli. They were brand new turbo tens at that time. It shows the power of the dream. Fast can truly happen at any time. What a great testimony for the rest of us. Thanks Steve and Kelli!

23 09 2012

I think that for all of us – there are certain things that we will just never forget. Markers some might call them, or a stake in the ground so to speak. Certain things, different things for certain people, just make that kind of impression on you. Steve and Kelli’s story is one of those things, in my life. It will be hard for me to ever forget September 21st, 2012. The day a man of courage and incredibly strong character freed his wife from the bondage of ever having to report to an employer again. The look in their eyes on that day – amazing! To hear what others had to share about how Steve and Kelli have touched their lives – moving! The fact that we all have the same opportunity as them – inspiring!

THANK YOU Steve and Kelli for being an example for us. Thank you for continuing to swim out, through tougher waters, to the next buoy. To show us that it can be done, and that it can be done quickly! Thank you for touching our lives along the way. Thank you for your willingness to help. We love you both!

22 09 2012
Teesa Rossman

Victory is so sweet and we got an awesome picture of that on Friday. Thank you for sharing, Steve.

22 09 2012
Keith Wrage Jr

Great post Steve! A BIG thanks to you and Jamie for being a huge part of the Freedom Train of Leadership that lead to the Sagers and so many others, offering all of us the best free enterprise opportunity in the history of the world!

23 09 2012

AGREED!! Thank you Steve and Jamie for your willingness to stay in the trenches, even after you have found freedom. Thank you for coming along side of us and being the encouragement and advice that we have needed. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being so much fun! Thank you for being a great example. And thank you for caring about us as people, not just business partners. You have won our trust and loyalty. We will follow you anywhere. (especially to LIFE island!!!!!) 🙂

22 09 2012
Ryan Blakely

Steve, thanks for everything that your doing. Its all done by thin threads. Dream Struggle followed by the Victory is in store for everyone as long as they strive for excellence! Thanks so much for the chance to live the life ive always wanted! Really soon freedom to focus partys going on every weekend!! God Bless

23 09 2012

Ryan, we can’t wait to get you off the roads. For you to have the freedom to spread your great attitude into more lives. To see the greatness inside of you continue to bloom and grow. For you to get the kind of recognition that Steve and Kelli are getting. I can’t wait to come visit you in your Florida house!!!

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