Building a Life Pipeline

15 08 2012

Recently friend and Life Founder Dan Hawkins posted on his blog a parable explaining how to build pipelines. The concept seems simple enough. While watching this video I encourage you to think of how to apply this simple concept in other areas of life to not only simplify it but make it more productive.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin 

Are you building your pipeline?

Hey Everyone,

I was thinking through what the LIFE business offers and came across this short video that explains the Parable of the Pipeline.

The LIFE Founders (Orrin WoodwardChris BradyTim MarksClaude HamiltonGeorge GuzzardoBill Lewis and my self) are doing their part to provide the best business to offer this kind of income and lifestyle to anyone willing to do the work.

In todays economy everyone should be investing in a self directed education and building a pipeline, why not join LIFE and do both!

God bless, Dan Hawkins




2 responses

16 08 2012
Teesa Rossman

Funny, I was going to post something about our kids watching the video as well. Amazingly, after watching and asking my 5 year old questions, even he gets it! Therefore, the rest of us have no excuse as far as understanding and implementing this process into our lives.

15 08 2012

Thanks for reposting that video! We have been playing it for our kids. We are being proactive at keeping the glaze thin (or non-existent) in their lives.

I’m also reading the book and he makes some really great points.

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