Give Thanks On Memorial Day

27 05 2012

Tonight as we turn out the lights in our family’s home we said our prayers as we usually do. This night on Memorial Day Eve we prayed for those men and women who had and have the courage to serve our country protecting the freedom’s we have. I encourage all who are celebrating an extra day off to take some time to remember those we gave so much so we can have the blessings we do.

Friends of mine ask me often how to properly celebrate Memorial Day? Well, I’ll leave that answer up to you. Along with the video, I’ll tell you what my family and I do to celebrate Memorial Day. If you have or are starting some family traditions on this day that you would like others to hear to give remembrance please respond with a post and telling about it. Sometimes people don’t do anything thinking what they are doing is not enough. Anything we do to remember the cost of our freedom and pass that message on to our next generations is enough.

God Bless, Steve Leurquin

On Memorial Day Jamie and I take our children to the cemetery. We look at the gravestones that have the American flags posted near them and we talk about those names with our kids. The date they were born and died along with the war they most likely fought in. It is a quiet respectful time as we talk about the families these soldiers left behind paying the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. 




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14 06 2012

Christina, great pics. It is truly sad when some people do not fully untesrdand the meaning of Memorial Day and all the sacrifices that have been given to our country from those who have served. Memorial Day should be important to everyone, but I think it especially hits home to us being part of the military and the military personnal we love so much.

4 06 2012
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4 06 2012
Chris Brady

Thanks for sharing that video, Steve…overwhelming and humbling to say the least.

31 05 2012

Alright, I finally watched the video….& of course did nothing but cry. Godbless those men & women & their families! I can empathize w/the fear they had sending their loved one off to war, but I can only sympathize w/them at the loss & the pain they had to endure for our country. Let’s not let those lives have been lost for no reason. Let’s keep our country strong & free. Brandon & I talk randomly throughout the year, every year, when the subject comes up, of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. We put our flag out at half staff every Memorial Day, & we go to the parade. I think w/a little different understanding than some that are there just to watch a parade. But I think we will implement more in the future when it comes time to teach our (future) children the reasons for Memorial Day! Thanks so much for leading all of us Leurquins!! You truly are a great example!

31 05 2012

Thank you Aleah for the heartfelt response. We are very proud of people like your husband who have the courage to fight for our country. Thank you for being the encourager for him to have the leadership that has to make this country a better, safer place.

31 05 2012
Tony Klubertanz

Thank you for focusing on the heart and truth of Memorial Day, Steve!

In a world where there is information flying all around us it is amazing to me that many, if not most, of our foundation principles that have been and are being fought for are often forgotten. These brave men and women didn’t give their lives for a three day weekend and I love the fact that there are people like you and Jamie who truly appreciate why their sacrifices were made.

God Bless America!

28 05 2012
Steve Sager

Each Memorial Day my family will go to my grandfather’s (my Dad’s father) grave site. My grandfather served in WWII as a Sgt. in the US Army. He was sent over there and landed on the beaches of Normandy, France (D-Day) as a very young man in his late 20’s. His group consisted to 129 brave men, to which only 3 survived on that beach (he was one of the three).

He returned back to the states with various metals/honors, even a personal hand written letter from U.S. General Patton himself; thanking my grandfather for sacrificing so much for the very existence of freedom. My dad told me that his father never talked about it too much. I think my grandfather was very similar to Orrin Woodward, in that he was humble with his blessings & focused on serving others; and ultimately taking a stand for what is right.

He passed away back in 1981: yet not a day goes by I don’t ever forget my last memory of him. I was about 7 years old and he took me out to the local airport and we watched planes flying around. He said to me “always help others with FREEDOM, its what makes this country who we are.”

Years have gone by and I keep feeling so blessed for the precious time I did get to be around my grandfather; a Man of Honor, Character & Integrity. For all of those who have served & even paid the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom; a very big & humble thank you.

Thanks Grandpa:

Robert F. Sager, Sgt, US. Army
Oct. 21st, 1915 – Sept. 1st, 1981

Hero to many, loved by all, & a blessing from our Heavenly Father.

28 05 2012

Thank you for sharing that Steve. Truly an amazing story of a brave and great man.

28 05 2012
Mike and Emily Hebbe

Thanks S, what an amazing blessing we have to live in this free country and how blessed we are to have couragous men and woman who continue to keep our country free!!! We read and watched your post as a family and it was emotional for all of us!! Thank you so much , E

28 05 2012

Hey E, it was a great Memorial Day. We did go to the cemetery and added a little bit to our tradition. We want to the store and got three small flags one for each kid. Each kid chose a grave sit of a veteran and put their flag in the ground by that soldier. It was neat to see the kids thinking about who they were honoring and why.

30 05 2012

I am so glad for your post and sharing this tradition. I love how you live what you teach, and are showing your children how to do that, as well. I believe we, and probably many others, will be better parents because not only are you leading your kids, but by sharing that you are leading us to better ideas of what we can do with our young children. Thank you so much!

28 05 2012
Bill Eder

Awesome video Steve thanks for sharing. If more parents would do what you and Jamie do it would be great. I remember when this day was called decoration day and all those who went before us were honored. I also remember as a Boy Scout we marched and ended at the cemetary to Honor the Vets. Since those days many more have paid the ultimate sacrifice so we
all have the freedom to go to churches, cemetaries, and o yes parks and enjoy freely what they did to insure the freedoms we take so much for granted. This morning as on many Memorial Days I started the day at Church to honor those who served and taught me the values I want to share with others. God bless you and yours and God bless America

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