How Do You Challenge Your Mental Fitness?

27 04 2012

Walk into any store check-out line and it doesn’t take long to realize we live in a culture that places emphasis on physical fitness. Walk on to any beach in America and doesn’t take long to realize that many more people think about their physical fitness than actually do anything about it.

We all know that physical fitness is key to a long vibrant life and eventually the high majority of people realize it putting a fitness plan in place. The question is, why do so many people neglect their mental fitness? Maybe Henry Ford said it best, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason so few people engage in it.” Ouch! Hey, I didn’t say it, Henry did. He’s right because how often do we want to get through our day with mind numbing activities?

I know three things for sure. There is a God, I love my wife more today than the day I married her, and people who grow themselves mentally are compensated better than those who do not. For this third reason is exactly why LIFE has created the Mental Fitness Challenge.

Imagine you are a boss of a company and you are going to hire a new employee. All candidates appear the same but one has embarked on a challenge to develop themself mentally in leadership through a step by step process. Who would you hire? Or how about giving a raise? A friend of mine who has been on the preliminary steps of this program was offered a $3 raise when no other employee in the company was offered any kind of raise because of the troubled economy. The reason the boss gave was the gentleman’s positive attitude and leadership he brings to the company.

This coming weekend in Columbus, Ohio there will be a rumbling happening and it won’t be coming from the football stadium. You see, there will be tens of thousands of people celebrating a great victory coming….there own!

What will we see:

*A LIFE changing packet of information (3 best-selling books)

*Audio’s of success principles from people who live them

*Videos of success principles

*Mental Fitness assessment and tracking

*360 feedback on improvement

*And much more….

Companies who understand the importance of leadership pay thousands of dollars for less for their employees to help improve their company’s performance. Jaws are going to drop when they see small investment needed for an already established program through LIFE. Then they will realize there is so much more.

For those looking for a challenge to improve their mental fitness welcome to LIFE.

Steve Leurquin




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7 05 2012
You’ve Got A Friend In Me « Steve Leurquin Excellence in Living

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3 05 2012
Matt Mielke

Fired up Steve!!! I was at the weekend and it was life changing. I can’t wait to see how many people get a free trip from LIFE. There is now a fourth thing to know for sure, the Mentla Fitness Challenge is fun and life changing for any who dare take the challenge. Godspeed

2 05 2012

As Orrin says: “Your raise becomes effective as soon as you do.” What better way to put yourself on the fast track to effectiveness than MFC!

1 05 2012

I love the 3 things you know for sure. Go MFC!

27 04 2012

You’re an awesome writer Steve! I am even more excited to get rolling with MFC having read your blog.

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