Are You Still Being Bullied?

11 04 2012

When I was younger I was bullied by some older kids. They would physically harass me because they were much bigger me and they could. As I got older I learned that I could get stronger standing up to their actions and the physical abuse stopped. Smart as a bully is in their pursuit of keeping people down they learned the most powerful tool to keeping people in their place: go for the mind. Realizing they could no longer physically attack they unleashed a continuous verbal attack on me over many years that affected my thoughts on the way I perceived myself.

I thought of this powerful tool used to control others as I came across an audio recording of Paul Harvery’s radio broadcast from 1965. How do you keep a large group of people in their place? Control their thinking. This was recorded 47 years ago but it sounds like Mr. Harvey was right on with his analysis of our nations future.

Agree with the video or not what I like about Paul Harvey, he is a thinker. If you disagree with the video I hope at least it got you to think because if we are going to turn this thing around we are going to have to become a nation of people who learn and think for themselves.

Steve Leurquin




4 responses

14 04 2012
Gary Severson

This may be the most consise, to the point, video that a person could watch if they want to get the straight truth. LIFE founder George Guzzardo has a specific talk that he shared not too long ago at a Men’s Leadership in Michigan titled “Movements and Restorations in History” (available to the public) that reiterates exactly what Paul Harvey is talking about here. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and made great by communities of people choosing to use those principles as a moral compass to keep it healthy and thriving. As George says in his talk; “Knowledge today is nothing more than recorded HISTORY”. Our society is crumbling because it’s lost it’s moral compass……it’s history has been tainted and the truth is slowly being removed from the public conscience. Through history, this is how civilizations go into decline and eventually fall. The only way to turn the tide is to get EDUCATED in truth, regardless of how painful it might be. Regardless of how much work it might take. Regardless of if anyone thinks they have what it takes to be part of the restoration process. The truth is, if we all make the choice to be “educated” as opposed to “schooled”, and have the courage to lead others to these truths through a leadership development source called TEAM/L.I.F.E., we can save what so many heroic people have sacrificed for in the present and past. OUR COUNTRY! It’s our duty.

12 04 2012
steve sager

Wow!! Did he ever speak the truth or what!! Great post Steve… Good day!

12 04 2012

To think that audio was recorded when I was only 1! I guarantee you it took an incredible amount of integrity and courage to say what he said back then. It is downright prophetic!
John Graff… Good day?!?

12 04 2012
Mike and Emily Hebbe

Great post S!!!! I grew up hearing Paul Harvey with my grandpa by my side working around the farm. This message holds TOO much truth! Our media has it figured out to a T on how to swist and turn the way things should be. Your totally right, our minds and thoughts are the target. Good thing there is a community lead by people who are going to do somthing about it!!! Thanks for your awesome perspective Steve!

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