The Challenge of Mental Fitness

1 03 2012

The concept is simple, to change the way you look, start a program that challenges yourself physically. Whether we do it or not we all have the knowledge or at least an idea of where we should go or how to do a program that will help us get back in shape.  Join a gym, hire a trainer, get some books/magazines, buy some exercise videos, the resources are there.

What about our minds? How do we keep our minds in shape? Better yet how do we stretch our minds to grow long past the age we generally stop thinking to go into autopilot mode? I found this great article by LIFE founder Dan Hawkins giving a great first steps for people to take who are feeling it is a challenge to find a start on improving their mental fitness.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

Physical Fitness and Mental Fitness: Challenge Yourself

It is amazing today to see all of the ways we will challenge ourselves physically. We will work too many hours, play recreational sports leagues, sign up for a 5K race or start the latest diet and exercise craze, but what about our mental fitness?

All you have to do is log on to the internet and you will read about a 90 day challenge to better health or 90 days to whip you body back into shape! After Jan. 1 of every year health club parking lots are full (at least until Feb.! :) )

Why is it that we find so many ways to take care of our physical fitness but ignore our mental fitness? Don’t get me wrong a leader wants to take care of the body he has been given. It’s hard to serve the people you have been blessed to lead if you are sick all of the time or pass away from bad health before you fulfill you purpose in LIFE.

For the rest of the article click on here: Dan Hawkins Mental Fitness




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7 03 2012
Keeping The Fun In Life « Steve Leurquin Excellence in Living

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1 03 2012
Mike and Emily Hebbe

S! We are so ready for the mental fittness challenge!!! What better way to keep the correct habits moving forward than to have someone you want to grow along side with accountable to!!! LOVE IT!!!

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