It’s Never Too Late

27 02 2012
About a year ago I first saw this video at a Team LIfE Leadership Convention. Something must have gotten in my eyes because they began to leak as I watched the powerful message. It made such an impact on me that I showed the video to as many people as I could on Chris Brady’s Leadership Blog and wouldn’t you know it, the video had a similar affect. Very powerful!

Enjoy and remember, it is never to late to dream! Steve Leurquin




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12 03 2012
I’m Stealing Again! « Steve Leurquin Excellence in Living

[…] I like and I just can’t help but take it. I recently stole an old Chris Brady post on dreaming, then I stole a leadership blog post from Orrin Woodward on having fun, now I’m going to […]

9 03 2012

Awesome video Steve! Life is too short! We have to live it to the fullest! No Regrets!

1 03 2012
The Challenge of Mental Fitness « Steve Leurquin Excellence in Living

[…] Enjoy, Steve Leurquin […]

1 03 2012
Steve Sager

So many echo’s from the cemeteries around this world, will never live a life of freedom and dreams….kudos to these individuals for overcoming obstacles, and being the RASCALS they were born to be!!

1 03 2012

So true Steve!

29 02 2012
Greg Streuly

Awesome Post! I was just listening to Lori Woodward’s LIFE CD on the Friends F. How well does this illustrate the friends in the 3rd basket? I get jazzed when I hear Tim Marks and Chris Brady talk about Harley rides across Europe, and how cool will it be when their 85?

1 03 2012

Some good friends and a few motor cycles, what more could a guy ask for!

28 02 2012
Chris Brady

Still love this video!

1 03 2012

Me too!

27 02 2012
Jacob Groh

Fantastic! Thanks for always inspiring Steve! Finally got the pick me up that I needed.

1 03 2012

Thank you Jacob.

27 02 2012
Mike and Emily Hebbe

Great post S! I too forgot about this clip, but quickly remembered the shivers it gave me!!! How awesome to leave a legacy of dreams!!!

1 03 2012

Anything that gets us to think about our lives in a positive way is a good thing.

27 02 2012

I love this! Thanks for posting this, I forgot how much I appreciated it.

1 03 2012

It’s a good quick pick-me-up.

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