Buried Treasures

21 02 2012

“You and every other individual on this planet possess an awesome treasure. Too much of this treasure is buried every day, untapped and untouched, in the cemeteries of this world. Much talent, skill and creativity have been lost to the world for want of a little courage. Many obscure men and women enter eternity pregnant with potential, with a stillborn purpose. Living with ability brings responsibility. Dying with ability brings irresponsibility.”  – Myles Monroe

Hearing this quote for the first time this past Sunday it really got me thinking how much talent in this world does go untaped, buried and gone forever. There are many reasons why a person’s treasure goes untouched. Lack of opportunity, time, energy, etc. the list goes on and on. I am not there yet, but I imagine that at the end of our lives our reasons for not living out our purpose are just excuses. If every person has an awesome treasure why do so many not tap into it?

There is not much commentary to add to this quote other than read it and think about it. I hope that you don’t take your treasure with you because, well…. you can’t!

Enjoy the journey,

Steve Leurquin 




3 responses

24 02 2012
John Graff

Excellent, heavy hitting stuff that we all need to ponder…. At the end of my life, I don’t want to be “viewed” as irresponsible. Please bare with me in the meantime.
A work in progress.

22 02 2012
Teesa Rossman

My dad shared a similar concern with me once. Concerned that all of the knowledge he has in his specialty (carpentry and construction) can’t really be passed on to his kids once he passes away. But I honestly think he has passed on a lot of his knowledge. I will always remember my first time using a screwdriver (righty tighty, leftly loosey) and learning the different types of tools and how to use them. I might not be a master carpenter, but some of the things my dad has built will last long enough for his great, great, great grandkids to see and possibly inspire them to pursue his craft. But also the time my dad spent with us while he “built” was also time spent “building into us” whether he knew it or not. Thanks for making us think, Steve.

22 02 2012

Great quote, great post. Thanks Steve!

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