George and Jill Guzzardo – Life Founders

12 02 2012

Great article about a couple that has paved the way for many to follow on how to lead a life of principle. Thank you George and Jill for your lasting example.  Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

George and Jill Guzzardo – LIFE Founders

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 10, 2012

George and Jill Guzzardo are  LIFE Founders and leaders of leaders. When I first met George, he was living as far away from civilization as humanly possible. Indeed, George and Jill moved from the hustle and bustle of Chicago to the backwoods of the Michigan Upper Peninsula, just outside Ironwood. The Guzzardo’s goal was to get away from people and enjoy time together working in the health field and enjoying nature. Man, however, may make his plans, but it’s God who directs his steps. In other words, destiny intervened.

Ed, Jill’s older brother, happened to be my engineering mentor and best friend. Ed and I worked together on multiple engineering projects. When I started listening to CD’s on community building, I realized the potential and shared this with Ed. Ed agreed, driving 10 hours in the same state (that’s how far into the backwoods the Guzzardo’s lived!) to share the idea with George and Jill.

Jill was interested immediately, George however, was another story. :) He ignored Ed,  watching the hockey game as Ed shared the concept with Jill. I remember Ed sharing his thoughts, saying, “Jill is excited, but George is going to take some work.”

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3 responses

15 02 2012
Gary & Erika Severson

My late father once told me, “son, one day, you’re gonna realize that you’re gonna need to step up and be a man” (those words fell on deaf ears at the time) Along comes a man named George Guzzardo…… let’s just put it this way, I feel like George has been a guardian angel, sent to me by my dad! My family has been touched in more ways than I can even begin to mention, by this wonderful couple. Thank you George and Jill! ~ Gary & Erika

13 02 2012
Greg Streuly

I was “Mr. Negative” before hearing George and Jill speak at the July 2010 seminar in Madison. George’s talk is what started the embers that would become the fire of my dream and what I see as my reason for being. Thank you George for your message that day! Without it I may never have made one of the best decisions of my life.

13 02 2012
John Graff

Geo and Jill! What can I say. Great leaders who have (and continue to) drive/fly the miles to lead more people to truth.
Also: Thanks to you guys for serving the California teams w/the Woodwards!

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