Borrowing From The Best

17 01 2012

A few years ago I taught with a guy who was the best teacher I had ever come across. I asked him what made him so good and his response floored me, “Find out what other good teachers do and steal their stuff.” Speaking tongue and cheek the guy who was most respected for his effective teaching methods, work ethic, and relatability was very quick to give the credit away.

Leadership is the same thing, find out what others are doing well, learn from them, and implement their stuff. I put together a list of men and women in leadership development that I respect. I look to their leadership blogs often for a way to “sharpen the saw” so to speak, making my LIFE journey in the 8F’s run a little more smooth.

Enjoy their these great leadership blogs, but do me a favor, please come back to my site once in awhile 🙂

Steve Leurquin

Blog Name and occupational background
Birtles, Kirk & Cassie (Physical Therapist)  
Blomdahl, Eric & Jennifer (Civil Engineer)
Brady, Chris & Terri (Best Selling Author, Leadership Guru)
Cullen, Chuck & Nancy (Teacher)
Darkangelo, Joe & Laura (Business Owner)
Frey, Dean & Teresa
Guzzardo, George & Jill (Physical Therapist)
Haas, Mark & Rita (Self-Employed Business Owner)
Hamilton, Claude & Lana (Military Career)
Hawkins, Dan (Automotive Technician)
Huber, Mark & Anna (Engineer)
Johnson, Greg & Lin (International Business Owner)
Lewis, Bill & Jackie (Engineer)
Marks, Tim & Amy (Engineer)
Martin, Jim & Dolores (Plumber)
Mattis, Chris & Danae (Nursing)
Mielke, Matthew & Michelle (Pharmacist)
Militello, Marc & Kristine (Teacher)
Morgan, Steve & Beth (Construction)
Oettinger, Renee (Nurse Practicioner)
Powers, Brian & Sherry (Firefighter – DNR)
Radosa, Aron & Mary (Physical Therapy)
Rasmussen, Bob & Tina (Construction)
Smith, Denny & Donna (Military) 
Spiewak, Holger & Lindsey (Engineering)
Woodward, Orrin & Laurie (Best Selling Author, Top Leadership Guru)



8 responses

30 01 2012
What Would You Do? « Steve Leurquin Excellence in Living

[…] Steve Leurquin […]

22 01 2012
Ken and Kim Herman

Thanks for the list Steve. Kim and I are always watching and learning (stealing). We sincerely believe these will be household names in the future. Keep it up. We love your blogs.
Ken and Kim

21 01 2012
Keith Wrage Jr

What a great list of leaders! Thanks for sharing and leading like you do!

19 01 2012
Adam Rossman

Thanks for all the great resources! This blog is by far one of my favorites! Please keep the great posts coming!

18 01 2012

Now that’s a who’s who list if I ever saw one!!

18 01 2012

I believe you have a gift for this Steve, so I will continue to check here daily! Thanks for your example. Also excited to see the variety of people out learning, growing and sharing their experiences to be a part of the rising tide that lifts all ships.


18 01 2012

Thanks Jammie. I got the list from website another great leadership service provider.
Steve Leurquin

17 01 2012
Kevin Hamm

So much to learn and so many places to learn it. It is an inspiration going around and reading many of the blogs and visualizing my own some day. It creates a hunger for round table. No worries about your blog though, I peak at it daily, only a few get that consistency. Keep up the great work.


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