Fun In The Sun

12 01 2012

76 Footer!

This past New Years Jamie and I went to Florida with great friends to spend some time with LIFE Founders Dan and Lisa Hawkins and Orrin and Laurie Woodward. With temperatures reaching up into the 80’s we spent time jet skiing, going to the beach, and taking a ride on Woodward’s 76-foot yacht.

Good looking couple jet skiing!

Richard and Jammie

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Jamie and I would be friends with couples as influential as these two couples. From meager beginnings both have used leadership principles to launch a company that is already getting world wide recognition for its accomplishments. I should have dreamed bigger because for the past two Christmas Holidays a couple with teaching backgrounds are living a lifestyle never available had we remained in the teaching field. Do you want to know the best part? The people who went with us that you see in the pictures are from all walks of life. Engineers, factory workers, construction workers, police officers, stay at home moms and because of their decision to step out from crowd and lead, their lives are being changed forever!

Nick, Jess, Mike, Emily Tony, Jamie, Steve

Dave, Jamie, Steve, Orrin, John, Penny, Judy

What I love about the smiling faces that you see in these pictures is their huge hearts for helping people. In a time when most everyone seems to think the economy is tanking, this group has found an industry this is and always will explode. With that, do you know what all of these people talked about when we chatted with them? They talked about the people they are going to help and the difference they are going to make in this world with the blessing they have been given!

My family and I sure am blessed to be associated with such a great group of people.

Enjoy the journey, Steve Leurquin

Gary and Erika

Steve, Jamie, Kelli, Steve back of Yacht




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20 08 2012
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19 01 2012
David Schoechert

It was a great trip Steve and I agree with all the previously posted comments. The Hawkins & Woodwards were fantastic hosts. Had to pinch myself to be reminded this trip wasn’t a dream but a business trip with a dream building purpose. I particularly enjoyed the family atmosphere and the moments taken to reflect on the positive difference these young men & women will make in their families & communities by paying their blessings forward. David

19 01 2012
Adam Rossman

Thanks for all the inspiration! How amazing that Orrin is willing to share with his team like that. The Rossmans are going to do what it takes to get down there with our team next time!!!!

17 01 2012
John Graff

What a time was had by all! My favorite part (aside from hanging out with leaders like you n Jamie, the Hawkins and the Woodwards), was watching my wife simply light up while on the Woodward yacht! The amazing thing, is the fact that Orrin and Laurie don’t have to do any of it for any of us… yet they do! Amazing servant leadership. John

16 01 2012
Mike and Emily

Great post S, the memories we were able to capture and experience were once in a life time moments!! It truly is an honor to have accociated with all the leaders in the pictures!! Emily

14 01 2012
Kevin Hamm

Yes, great post and it certainly makes a guy want to be at the next one. The pictures are set in my mind.


13 01 2012
Gary and Erika Severson

Steve- You couldn’t have said it any better. We had an amazing time Wow, memories that will last a lifetime. Looking back on LIFE who would of thought that a lifestyle of choices and dreams is available to anyone who wants to step “OUT OF THE BOX” and live to their full potential. Looking forward to sharing many many more trips with you and your family. We are blessed. Erika

12 01 2012
gregjohnson on leadership

Looks like a blast!

12 01 2012

This is a great post and it was an amazing trip. It truly is pinch yourself kind of stuff we are experiencing. It is a blessing to be in a partnership for life doing something that will matter!

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