A Mentor In The Game of LIFE

5 01 2012

Someone asked me the other day what makes a good mentor, to which I responded …. um, uh,…. It caught me so off guard and embarrassed that I didn’t have a good answer I got to thinking about it, what does make a good mentor?

I found a best selling book titled Launching a Leadership Revolution and it has a whole leadership chapter on mentorship giving 21 qualities of a good mentor. A mentor:

*Sets the example                               *Asks questions

*Builds relationships                          *Affirms

*Builds belief                                      *Builds the dream

*Kills the fear                                     *Gives confidence

*Promotes activity                              *Reframes challenges

*Instructs through struggles              *Encourages

*Spreads Enthusiasm                         *Teaches the philosophy

*Imparts his thinking                         *Course corrects/confronts

*Teaches taking responsibility           *Holds accountability

*Challenges                                         *Teaches life balance

*Teaches heart change

When someone can find a true mentor in life it can be a powerful tool in growing toward their life vision and purpose. I am thankful through the LIFE Industry to have a mentor that I trust to help me in all 21 areas listed above.

In my love of movies I began thinking of a top film that portrayed mentorship covering all mentor/mente qualities Orrin Woodward highlighted in his book. Rocky/Mickey in Rocky, Mr. Miyagi/Daniel in Karate Kid both pretty good ones. The one movie that I think shows the best example of mentorship is The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Throughout the movie Will Smith is a great mentor to Junior. I believe this short clip shows an example of hitting all 21 qualities.

“Play the game, your game, the one that only you was meant to play. The one that was given to you when you come into this world”

Like a great mentor, in the movie Will Smith is very vocal/visual when Junior needed him, and at the touching end walking away, no longer needed, as the mente enjoys the victory he rightfully earned. Mentorship is a gift to give and when given properly, it can have the ripple affect to last generations.

Enjoy the journey, Steve Leurquin




16 responses

10 01 2012
Lori Platt

You and Jamie are great, Steve. Thanks for the post.

11 01 2012

Thank you for the comment and we appreciate you reading our blog Lori.
Steve Leurquin

9 01 2012
Greg Streuly

Hi Steve
There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “When the student is ready, the master will appear., and how often does that play into LIFE/TEAM. So many of us go though our day-to-day withing thinking we have it all figured out, or none of it. Then someone gives us a call asking, “Did I catch you at a bad time?” and if we’re ready….a master appears in the form of a first night pack. Some even hit the jackpot and get an Round Table or Policy Council member to talk to!
My wife and I were approached by the TEAM through four different couples before we realized we were ready, but it was through great leaders or “masters” that we were finally able to see what was being offered.

Thank you for your shining example of leadership and for special thanks for all the TEAM leaders and we move forward in LIFE.

9 01 2012

Thanks for posting some excellent points Greg!

7 01 2012
Mike and Emily Hebbe

Great post as asways, when i was thinking of it, Im pretty sure that Mike and I are the only ones in our immediate family and very likely generations past that have an acutual mentor. Crazy the blessings we have in our hands!!! Thanks so much for being the kind of mentor I can always strive to be!
Mike and Emily

8 01 2012

Funny thing about thinking is most often when people think, what they find isn’t so funny until they think about what they can change to make things funny again! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post. I think mentorship is very important, especially now.
Steve Leurquin

7 01 2012
gregjohnson on leadership


Such a great article you posted.
It got me thinking how many people get advice from the wrong people.
It takes effort to find a mentor, someone who is willing and able to bring out our best. Even when we do find that person we then have to be willing to listen and trust even when we aren’t the value of the lessons.

7 01 2012

Thanks Greg. I enjoy your leadership blog as well. gregjohnsonleadership.wordpress.com

Steve Leurquin

7 01 2012
Teesa Rossman

Just read that chapter this week and realized that you and Jamie embody each of these characteristics so well. Thanks for all you do.

7 01 2012

Thank you Teesa. Funny, I was thinking the same about you. Amazing what happens when one bases their principles on the “straight” line!
Steve Leurquin

6 01 2012
Kevin Hamm

You are modeling behavior well Steve. Keep up the great work and the great writing.


7 01 2012

Thanks Kevin. It is a lot of fun working on the blog.
Steve Leurquin

6 01 2012

Thanks for the kind words Todd. It is great to hear that a dad had that much impact on you as a young man. There is a great book called Point Man about men leading their homes. Sounds like that is what your dad did.
Steve Leurquin

6 01 2012
Todd Fulton

Wow Steve, that was a great example! When I think of great mentors that I have had in my life, three people come to mind. First off my dad who through his example of a Christian man & father. Second is my baseball coach in high school Dan Madden, who thought me many leadership principles. Third is a man that I highly look up to for his examples of a true leader in my life by the name of Steve Leurquin. Thanks for always being there as a true friend.

6 01 2012

Thanks Michael. This post was a lot of fun to make.

5 01 2012
Michael Robinson

Thanks Steve this was awesome

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