Friends For LIFE

30 12 2011

Have you ever thought about what makes a good friend? I was recently reading Resolved, a book by best-selling author Orrin Woodward, and this question kept creeping back into my mind over and over again. The book lays out 8 principles that are essential for maintaining long-term friendships.

Now I don’t walk around with this checklist and caterorgize the people in my life based on how well they fit into these 8 principles, but I began to wonder, myself included, how any people can honestly say they have true friendships in life? The American Sociological Review stated in 2006 that the quality and quantity of friendship is declining. According to Woodward in his book, “The evidence shows that Americans have fewer confidants and those ties are also more family-based than they used to be. This change indicates something that is not good for our society. Ties with a close network of people create a safety net. These ties also lead to civic engagement and local political action.”

We are in a time in which we have more ways than ever to communicate but we don’t know each other better than we did 20 years ago because no one is listening! As I read the book I thought on each one of these and asked myself, how am I doing? Not happy with how I “scored” I resolved to not think in the past but how I am going to improve in the future.

1. True friends form around shared insights.

2. True friends accept one another.

3. True friends approve of one another.

4. True friends appreciate one another.

5. True friends listen with empathy.

6. True friends celebrate one another’s success.

7. True friends are trustworthy.

8. True friends are loyal.

Can you imagine a community of people that would Resolve to improve their friendships in these 8 areas?

Enjoy the journey!

Steve Leurquin




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