Never Give Up On LIFE Team

17 11 2011

Jamie and I learned a valuable principle from Orrin Woodward early on in our Team Leadership journey that those who stay will be champions!  We knew from the get go that there was something different about this community of people when we started using their leadership material several years ago.  When you look into the lives of the founders of LIFE you see real quickly that what they say and what they do match.  Learning from these great people we learned to never give up, no matter what.

Success principles are success principles and I first learned to never give up from my parents by their example of hard work, but especially during a very trying time in my life from my mother.  The start of my sophomore year of college was a very tough for me for several reasons and I was ready to give in.  My dream was to be the first Leurquin to graduate from college and for a brief period I lost my focus.  Then, in the mail a I received encouragement and love from my mom in the form of a piece of paper that had the frog and the bird similar to the one below, with the hand written words “Love ya” in the corner.

I never forgot that moment and although tattered and worn I still have that piece of paper as a reminder to never stop chasing after my dreams.

I appreciate so much those who are the few brave souls who have the courage to set a goal and I have nothing but respect for those who have the vision and work-ethic to complete it.  If you are someone who is looking for the tools to achieve some new goals I encourage you to check out the LLR subscription on the LIFE website.

When we have purpose we are like the fly in the video below.  Never give up!  Steve Leurquin




5 responses

2 12 2011
Dyke Watson

Great post Steve.It helps to stay in the battle when you have leaders like your self and the rest of the TEAM leaders you are in the fight with you.Thanks for your leadership.Quitters never win,WINNERS never quit!To 1 million and beyond! Chasing the Dream. Dyke

21 11 2011

Great blog, Steve
One question. What was the temperature of the water that the frog was in?
Just some food for thought….

John Graff

21 11 2011
Steve Sager

Never-ever quit! Steve, I believe your story is very similar to so many who just need a little encouragement to never give up on your goals and dreams. The examples from the LIFE program and the leadership of Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and Dan Hawkins to mention just a few; cast that vision of work ethic and commitment. In the words of late Jim Valvano “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up cause only you can quit on yourself.”

Steve Sager

20 11 2011
Leadership and LIFE

Love it! I am so proud to call you a friend and business partner! Never give up, lets go to 1 million! Love ya! 🙂

17 11 2011
Shannon & Kelly McGinley

GREAT blog Steve! Thank you for always being so transparent and willing to share your struggles so that we know we aren’t going through them alone, that we have support by those who have been there! 🙂 I, too, have amazing encouragement from my parents, my father in particular. Thank you for reminding us to keep fighting, never give in or give up!

Kelly & Shannon McGinley

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