With LIFE-Team It’s AGO!

12 11 2011

Looking back throughout my life, the number of things I regret doing are too many to count.  Throwing a stone at my neighbor’s head for riding my big wheel, jumping off the roof with an umbrella, picking up the homecoming date for the dance with my dad’s Brady-mobile station wagon, the list goes on and on.

One thing I would have regretted for eternity is not finding truth in my life and not coming to faith.  My wife and I got involved with the LIFE Team several years ago to improve our finances.  The system of information put out by LIFE founder Orrin Woodward is amazing in what it did for our financial situation but we were still searching for something more.

We later found that Team had an AGO (All Grace Outreach) system of information that helped people answer some pressing question about faith in their lives.  What I liked about it was that nothing was pushed on me.  I had many deep questions and our mentors Dan and Lisa Hawkins were able to give us a couple of CDs that we could review and ask questions if we wanted to pursue more.  This AGO system of information has lead me down a spiritual walk that has improved all areas of my life.  We started our own business for money but soon realized that once we got my faith right, the other 7 in the 8F’s all seemed to fall into place.

LIFE has a great introduction pack on their website www.the-life-business.com called No Regrets.  If you are in a spot where no matter what you do there always seems to be something missing, I encourage finding the answers in a place that helped me out.  You won’t regret it!

Steve Leurquin




4 responses

14 11 2011

Isn’t if funny that so many of the leaders we follow in life/team, have no problem telling you where the source of their success comes from. I know the AGO material has helped Penny and I (in conjunction with the practice of our faith on a weekly basis). It enhances what we hear on Sunday morning and offers a broader perspective, which only strengthens our faith.
One point I’d like to make: I would love for critics out there to take the time to listen to our top leaders on some of the AGO recordings, then tell me I/we shouldn’t follow these men and women!
John Graff

14 11 2011

Thank you for your reply. That is great that the LIFE Team leadership information has helped you and Penny. Your example is a positive model for many to follow.

13 11 2011

Thanks Kristen. The whole LIFE Team system is amazing! There truly is something for everyone.

12 11 2011
Kristen Seidl

Steve, thank you for posting this and being so transparent. My life too has been dramatically affected by the ‘faith’ F and the AGO series. For that alone the-life-business has changed my life! As I have heard a number of times ‘Eternity is a long time to be wrong’ so AGO will truly help anyone who is searching for answers. Congrats on Triple and keep leading the charge! God is truly honoring your commitment!

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