Policy Council Members Dan and Lisa Hawkins Founders of LIFE

1 11 2011

Several years ago Jamie and I were introduced to LIFE founders and Policy Council members Dan and Lisa Hawkins.  Through mentorship from top leadership Guru and best selling author Orrin Woodward, Dan and Lisa have developed into some of the best leadership presenters helping thousands of people in North America improve there lives.  In the past several years Dan and Lisa have accumulated an extensive resume leading to their key role as LIFE founders.  They have:

* Given hundreds of leadership talks at leadership seminars/meetings throughout the US and Canada,

* Numerous audio recordings teaching leadership principles,

* A leadership blog viewed by a couple hundred people per day,

* Mentored numerous successful business builders.

Dan and Lisa Hawkins along with seven other founders are launching LIFE today, creating a whole new industry at the intersection of four major industries (Personal Development, Networking, Life Coaching, and Community Building).  Throughout history there have been intersectional innovations that have come together connecting two major industries.  When these two industries have linked together it has changed the way things have been done.  Can you imagine what happens when four industries come together?

What makes this whole new industry impressive is the pillars of support that bring instant notoriety to LIFE:

*Competence – Over 100 years experience of the founders.

*Credibility – NY Times Best Selling Authors, Top 30 Leadership Guru lists, referenced in college textbooks, private business consultants using LIFE material.

*Compensation – See www.the-life-business-com

*Cost Competitiveness – Personal development material priced for all walks of life to be able to afford (see LIFE website above).

LIFE is dedicated to creating informational products to help people in 8 major areas of their lives. and provides a world class compensation model that rewards people based on performance for helping others. Thank you to leaders like Dan and Lisa Hawkins and Orrin and Laurie Woodward for your vision of an idea whose time has come.

Steve Leurquin




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14 02 2013

Dan and Lisa Hawkins are amazing…..an inspiration to 1000s!!!!!

13 02 2013
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7 01 2013

Dan and Lisa Hawkins have been such a great example for all of us. I love that they have shown that you don’t have to have been born with any set of talents or circumstances to win. You only have to commit to win and as long as you never lose that commitment – you will become a winner.

21 12 2012
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13 12 2011
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22 11 2011
Kristina Meinel

Hey Steve!! I really enjoy your blog!! Thanks for the food for thought!!

21 11 2011
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2 11 2011
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