Unstoppable LIFE

26 10 2011

Several years ago I became involved with a leadership program called Team founded by Orrin Woodward. In a world that celebrates mediocrity the Team has become a breath of fresh air for so many people who are looking, not for a hand out, but a chance to pursue their goals and dreams.

I love this video on Anthony Robles’ acceptance speech for the Jimmy V Award because it shows the heart of a young man born with obvious limitations who does not make excuses, does not listen to his critics, and with the encouragement from the people closest to him, accepts and expects nothing but his own personal best in pursuit of his dream.  Listen to his words and you will hear a courageous young man who expected it to be hard, but knew it was possible.  Thank you Anthony for showing us what is possible when the spirit is unconquerable.

Enjoy, Steve

Every soul who comes to earth with a leg or two at birth must wrestle his opponents knowing it’s not what is, but what can be that measures worth. Make it hard, just make it possible and through pain, I wont complain. My spirit is unconquerable. Fearless I will face each foe for I know I am capable. I don’t care whats probable, through blood sweat and tears I am unstoppable. -Anthony Robles




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3 11 2011

Hey Steve, thank you for posting this amazing story of courage, determination and success. I’m an avid sports fan, and Anthony Robles ranks with Jimmy V. When it comes to what it takes to overcome obstacles no matter what. Thank you for reminding me that this LIFE journey is not always easy, but in the end we will also prove to be UNSTOPPABLE!!

2 11 2011

Unstoppable! Wow! What an amazing story! I definitely got my lesson here. No excuses, no limits! Thanks Steve! and Thanks Anthony!

30 10 2011
dyke watson

thanks for posting that story Steve.I cant help think if more people had that young mans courage,perserverance, drive etc.( i could go on)what we could do in this country.Too many people sit by and believe that they cant achieve or be successful and so they don’t even try.Many of the them have all of their appendages.”through blood,sweat and tears, i am unstoppable.”Applies to just about anything in Life I think.P.S. not a bad wrestling promo either.Thanks again . Dyke

30 10 2011
John Graff

While watching the video, I couldn’t help but catch how his competition would say: I can’t wrestle this guy, he;s only got one leg!… To: Of course this guy is gonna win, it’s all upper-body strength and he’s only got one leg! Its just like this business, as leaders step up, do the work and persevere, and we go from “scammee to the scammer”. The rationalizations from those who won’t do what it takes, is the same for ALL successful endeavors.
Thanks, Steve for finding this excellent example of a winner.

30 10 2011
Steve Sager

Absolutley a winner in life in not just as a college champion, yet the champion of commitment…to that of excellence!!! what a fantastic story Steve!!!

30 10 2011

Dream, Struggle, VIctory! I am glad people like this fight on to show everyone that “it” is possible!

30 10 2011
Gary Severson

Steve, this was a powerful message. When I see videos like this of real life “dream, struggle, victory” , it reminds me of why we do what we do and why I’ve made the choice to follow such humble leaders such as yourself and men like Dan Hawkins, Orrin Woodward, George Guzzardo and the TEAM/L.I.F.E. Leadership. There are many parents out there whom themselves have been beaten down their whole lives and don’t even know how or have the means to be their children’s biggest encouragers like Anthony Robles mother has been. With L.I.F.E., we have the information, the tools and the means to equip parents that otherwise wouldn’t even have a chance at being that crucial part of their children’s lives that our culture so desperately needs. I’m a prime example that it works if you’re willing to learn. Thanks for showing so many that you, yourself are not only a great champion on the “mat”, but a great champion in L.I.F.E.!

30 10 2011

I love the scan of the crowd with so many champions in attendance that are very well known to the world. The appreciation they show to Anthony is telling sign that anyone can fight through obstacles an make a difference in this world.

26 10 2011

Thanks Jammie. Brings a tear to my ever time I watch it. Especially when the screams of joy come from his mom when the dream is about to happen.

26 10 2011

Amazing! We all could take a lesson here- well I surely can. I am thankful for my blessings and hopeful for a spirit as strong and courage as unyielding as this man has. Thanks for this post Steve.

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