One Step Closer – Dan Hawkins

21 10 2011

How does a twenty-nine year old go from mechanic to financially free? Co-Founder of LIFE Dan Hawkins with mentorship from top 30 leadership guru Orrin Woodward lays out his principles for success in his leadership audio recording One Step Closer.

What I love about success principles are that they are applicable to everyone in any area of life someone wants to achieve.  From olympic athlete, to successful career, to rewarding parent-child relationship. What Hawkins lays out in this recording are two concepts that every single person can utilize:

1. Refocus and direct your subconscious mind for the goals you want to achieve, (Referenced in The Ant and The Elephant by Vince Poscente)

2. Use the power of The Slight Edge (Referenced in The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson).

(1) To Refocus your subconscious Mr. Hawkins gives three vivid examples of what he did on his journey to success:

*  Know what you are running for.    What dream do you have that you want so badly that everyday it makes you get out of bed and hit the floor running toward the next steps to achieve it.  This can only be done by courting your dream through all the senses.

*  Feed your belief.  Focus on where you want to be and not where you are.  Similar to the dream, feeding your belief focuses on what you are telling yourself on a daily basis.  Over time focusing on what you strive to be like and eliminating all sources of negative flow into your mind will create the mental energy of a champion.

*  Learn from people who have the fruit on the tree.  To be successful learn from people who are where you want to be through reading, listening, and associating.

(2) Once you begin the process of developing your mind to a path of success, Mr. Hawkins leads the listener to the second concept of success and that is the power of The Slight Edge:

*  The Slight Edge is doing the right things long enough, consistently enough over time that momentum of your action with the right thinking carries you to the finish line.  Hawkins recommends to imagine your goal a distance away.  Every positive action you take to success is like taking one step toward your victory.  Unfortunately every negative action, like inactivity, is like taking two steps back away from your dream.  Two things will happen. Someone will put enough activity consistently one step at a time to achieve their goal, or they will take two steps back long enough to where their dream falls off the radar.

For more leadership principles I encourage you to check out Dan Hawkins leadership blog at or Orrin Woodward’s leadership blog at  For information on The Ant and The Elephant and The Slight Edge refer to on 11-1-11.

Steve Leurquin




One response

25 10 2011

Hey Steve,
Great entry from a great man that you and I both know and love. Dan is definitely a leader among leaders with the fruit on the tree and a willingness to show us how he put it there.
J. Graff

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