18 10 2011

There is a tidal wave of change in this country brewing on the horizon with top 30 leadership guru Orrin Woodward as the catalyst and it’s called LIFE (  “Most men (and women) live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them” says Henry David Thoreau.  Have you ever asked yourself if you were created for something more?  Have you ever wondered is this it? Is this all I was born for?  Those questions usually start the process of what gets called a mid-life crises.  So put away the thoughts of getting your ear pierced and taking out a loan to buy that Corvet jamming to ZZ Top to feel like you did in high school.  Hold off on signing up for the MMA competition that is coming to town to prove to your kids that you still got it.  Most of all, put away those thoughts that your life has no meaning and you are trapped in your current situation if you want to change it.

On a 11-1-11 the vehicle for cutting off that mid-life crises at the knees that is plaguing so many at all ages (no longer is the crises happening at mid-life) is here.

Enjoy these videos from the new website  at




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6 02 2012
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[…] for giving up on a dream could describe where I was several years ago. I am very thankful I got my LIFE […]

20 10 2011

Penny and I are ready for LIFE to launch. Actually, many of the leaders in the team have been preparing for this for a while now! No mid-life crisis on the team, brotha!

respectfully, John

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