They Are Listening!

14 10 2011

I was recently learning leadership skills from an audio recording by best selling author Orrin Woodward and the message was on guarding your inputs of information.  On this Team/Life  recording Woodward is teaching a principle that if someone does not like their current situation in life, it is them and only them who must take the responsibility to make it better.

The other day I was practicing a leadership talk I was going to give to a couple hundred people the following evening.  My audience was my three children.  Completion of my talk led to a standing ovation of 66% of the crowd (my youngest was not impressed!)  My two oldest asked if they could close for me, a role usually done by my wife Jamie who was not there at the time.  My daughter McKenzie got up edifying me and telling her accepting audience how great her daddy is.  I couldn’t help but smile with pride and agree 100%.  Then my son Aidan gets up and with the most enthusiasm I have ever seen come out of him says, “Yeah what she said, and if you want something different in life, you have to do something different!  Now go do it!”

From the mouths of babes.  Imediatley two powerful feelings came over me.  First, I was extremely greatful that a few years ago a leadership development system called Team came into my life that allows me to have the freedom to be home during the day to spend time with my family creating cherished memories.  The second was a nervous-calm. Nervous because I know that my kids are watching and learning from their leader.  I ultimately know that their success in life is from the example I give.  The calm came from knowing that they are listening to the same system of information I am that has helped me grow immensly in the 8Fs of my life.

The founders of LIFE have built a leadership program that has encouraged families to teach timeless principles to thier children that will last generations.  Your children are listening!  What are they learning from your example?





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14 11 2011


We took our kids with us this past weekend to attend a seminar that was put on by a local church. When we got in, took our seats and we started to listen to the speaker, our daughter, Talia, leaned over to Teesa and asked “is that Mr Hawkins?”

17 10 2011
Emily Hebbe

goosebumps!!! you know “S” some day very soon our children will speaking all over the world helping, serving and lovin on people. And I have a feeling they will be doing it together!!!! Now there is a DASH!!! Great job!

17 10 2011

I heard you deliver several timeless talks on various topics revolved around the 8 Fs, and I’m sure I would have been part of the 66%! Thank you for the example that you set for all of us, not just the younins’!
Little Johnny Joe Graff

14 10 2011
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