No Complaining Rule of LIFE

6 10 2011

Team Leadership founder Orrin Woodward describes a keyleadership skill in his best selling book Launching a Leadership Revolution as being able to always maintain a positive attitude.  Imagine a community of people that has taken negative out of the equation!

Recently I read a book on eliminating negative talk from your vocabulary that serves no purpose of moving the vision of the organization forward.  The book by Jon Gordon titled The No Complaining Rule, Positive Ways to Deal With Negative At Work, gives several bullet points on how much negativity costs organizations.  Negative emotions cost us in the following ways:

*Decreased life span and longevity

*Increased risk of heart attack

*Increased risk of stroke

*Greater stress

*Less energy

*More pain

*Fewer friends

*Less success

With all this it is a wonder why people complain at all?

Gordon explains how we are born to complain crying to get what we want, unfortunately we grow up to an adult form of crying called complaining.  Chronic complainers Gordon says are not only hurting themselves but annoying to everyone else.

Several years ago I became part of an organization that works on putting the no complaining rule in affect and it is an amazing atmosphere to be part of.  Is there still negative? Sure, nobody’s perfect. But the pursuit of continuous improvement in a world that celebrates mediocrity is refreshing. What has been formed with Team is a group of people that understand that bad things are going to happen and unless the talk is focused on how to successfully fix it, dont talk about it. Talking about the murder that took place in New York, although tragic, will not make it better or anyone else by talking about it.  Discussing where we saw a co-worker’s truck last night or the shock that Suzy wore those shoes with that dress serves no purpose but our own twisted self-gratification.  By focusing on not complaining and eliminating negative Team-LIFE has become a breath of fresh air that so many great leaders want to become a part of attracting Fortune 500 companies, best selling authors such as Oliver DeMill, and entrepreneur of the year Dallin Larson.

I encourage you to take the 24 hour no-negative challenge laid out by Gordon.  For 24 hours do not say anything at all that is complaining or gossip and see how it goes.  If after the challenge you don’t like the results, go back to the attractiveness of being a comfy wet stifling blanket, the beautiful sound of nails on the chalkboard, the thearaputic feeling of needles wedged under your fingernails, being the energy vampire, the …. well, you get the idea.  However, if you like the results, take the challenge for another 24 hours and another and see the difference in your life.

National champion football coach Lou Holtz sums it up this way, “Don’t complain.  Eighty percent of the people you complain to don’t care and 20 percent are glad you have problems.”

You will attract more bees with honey than vinegar.  With the no-negative challenge let’s see what you attract!





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13 10 2011

I love the Team environment. I was the most negative, sarcastic, complainer that I have known. I am certain there is still a lot of work to do for me in that area, but I am so glad for a place and a community of people who exemplify the positive side of life you speak of – for a system that helped me start to see that I was the common denominator in most of my negative experiences, and that by learning new skills and getting some control over my emotions and mouth that things could be different. I am so excited for a time and a place where positive becomes the norm. I truly believe we have the keys to that and are being led to share it. Thanks for all you do to inspire our family to continue to grow in this and many areas. You are a wonderful friend and leader (and gym teacher).

13 10 2011

I believe positive can become the norm as well Jammie.

13 10 2011

Well done Steve. I admit,I’m about 2/3rds. the way through the book… Joyce seems pretty cool, Dan’s good, Jim’s got some work to do, and then there’s Hope. Hopefully, Hope finds hope in what only appears to be hopeless, but I’m hopeful…. It seems I’ve gone from complaining to speculating?!? Obviously, I need to finish the book.

John Graff

13 10 2011

Keep reading young one, keep reading!

10 10 2011

You are right….it is so relieving walking into a Team environment. People are encouraging and focused on the good in everyone. Sometimes I get brain-washed into thinking that this is how most people really act. Then I find myself at work or out somewhere else and wonder why people find joy in talking about negative things.

The book was a VERY good read and the No Complaining challenge is one to pass on to everyone we know. What a fun experiment!!!

By the way – I was wondering if anyone else noticed those shoes didn’t go with Suzy’s dress. Glad you mentioned it!! 🙂

10 10 2011

Wouldn’t it be great if a positive environment became the norm. If only there was a way!

10 10 2011
Dave Ober Life Team Leadership

Thanks for sharing! That was another awesome book from the LIFE system! Really helps me to keep myself accountable for how I choose to see people and circumstances.Thank you for your examples! Dave Ober

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