29 08 2011

Jamie is such a great leading lady in Team/LIFE.  Orrin Woodward has created the best leadership development system in the world for anyone to learn from.  Enjoy a post from my wife on what Team has done for her and her family.

There are so many blessings that I have in my life since being involved in the Team Leadership Organization. Some of them were there all along, in the depths of my messed-up thinking, waiting for a change to happen with my perspective so I could be appreciative and consider them a blessing. Receiving the truth in different areas of my life through the Team system did just that and so much more.

My husband, Steve, is a huge blessing in my life. He has not only supported and inspired my growth throughout the years, but is a firm and loving father to our children. His leadership has helped inspire their understanding of the Truth and helped them to strive towards living a value-driven life. Our children’s future has become stronger because of their father’s love and guidance.

My children are an amazing blessing. To have the ability to spend every day with them, I believe, has dramatically changed the direction of their future they were originally faced with while I was working. They not only were having someone else raise them, but the mom my two oldest faced when I picked them up from daycare was not able to give her best to them, since my best was left at work where I spent the last 8 hours.

The friendships I have acquired in the Team Leadership Organization have been nothing I have experienced before. To know there is a group of people who will do whatever it takes to help you gives you an indescribable feeling of security and love, while being able to reciprocate that to others escalates those feelings a million times more. Thank you to all the Team community for your courage and willingness to become a better you and help me become a better me. Any part that is played adds that much more hope and encouragement to all who strive to improve this world.

So many more blessings. . . I could go on and on! I love my life and I love that I am able to bless others with the Team Leadership Organization lead by Orrin Woodward.


Jamie Leurquin




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3 09 2011
Shannon & Kelly McGinley

What an amazing post Jamie! You write so beautifully and with such passion, neither of which is a surprise to me! Thank you for always being an example to all the ladies on the TEAM. You give us all something to strive to become!

Much love and thanks,

2 09 2011
Kevin Hamm

Thanks Jamie for a great post. Your story of persistence is truly inspiring and has added to my hope that we all can do it. Thanks to you both for leading from the front.

Kevin Hamm

1 09 2011
Angie Johnson

wow what a great post Jamie you did an awsome job. i just want to thank you for being who you are and for taking a stand and making a difference in your lives and your childrens lives and by doing that all the lives you have changed and continue to change. i look forward to more articles from you and steve. you guys are amazing and cant thank you enough for all that you do!!!!

1 09 2011

Thank you so much for your honest and humility. I relate so much with so much of what you are saying about when you were working. The best hours of our days are given to other people not our family. I constantly have to remind myself that my husband and children are blessing that God has given me and I don’t know how they will be in my life. Thank you for the reminder to love them and treasure anytime that I have with them. You are an amazing person that has an incredible story I think of you often in my day and what a woman of strength you are. There is so much I have to learn I am so glad that I have the Team in my life and people like you to follow.
God Bless

31 08 2011
Kelli Sager

I am so excited to see you writing on this blog . you are an inspiration to alot of people through your story . We appreciate so much that you are both able to help other people in thier lives, in the areas of the 8 Fs through Team & Life , because you took the time to put some work upfront & go through struggles , and have an end result where you can be free , and spend your days with your family . We strive to follow your example . Can’t wait to read more of your articles !

31 08 2011

Thank you Jamie for the post and for always being you. I think that is one of the things I appreciate so much with this business is that it allows all of to be who God has intended us to be. Getting the hours of work out of our schedule to enable us to spend time living our Priorities is priceless.
Thank you again for sharing
Love ya

30 08 2011
Matt Mielke

Your words are as beautiful and eloquent as your person Jamie. Thanks for the post and providing a shining example of a leading lady on the TEAM and in LIFE for other women to follow. God Bless


30 08 2011
Kristen Seidl

Jamie, this is such a perfect topic and you are a beautiful writer. Not only are you being blessed by the team/life system but you are blessing thousands of lives in the process. God’s blessings are endless when we live to serve Him and His people. Keep leading, you’re making a huge impact in our culture. .

30 08 2011

Thanks for the post! Blessings do abound in life and I couldn’t agree more, that my skewed perspective didn’t allow me to understand or see them before I understood the principles and truths I was taught through the Team. Not that those truths aren’t out there, but here, I had a compeling reason to be humbled enough to seek them. Thanks for the part you played in fostering that growth! You and Steve have been HUGE blessing in our lives.

30 08 2011
Mike and Emily Hebbe

Hey look at you!!! Great Blog woman!!! What a great subject. I guess its not too surprising to read a blog from you, about Blessings, considering you have such great perspective on what God has given to us all. I know I have had many times on the phone with you on just how do we appreciate all our blessings and not loosing sight of how much we have been given. Your an amazing leader Jamie and you are definitly a blessing in my life!!!

31 08 2011

Thank you for all you do for the Team, Emily. You have impacted so many lives with many more to receive yours and Mike’s greatness!

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